Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Muslim Marriage Service UK T and Cs

Please read and agree with our Terms & Conditions before you join

1. All contacts with any memebrs are at your own risk and responsibility.

2. We will on occasion update and change website features without notification.

3. Advertising your profiel is not a requirement of membership – just send us a message if you require this..

4. After joining Muslim Marriage Service UK your email addresss will be shared with outher members but will not be displayed online. If you wish to opt out of this please drop us an email.

5. We can cancel your membership for any reason if we feel your purpose is not marriage or you are not a Muslim. Memebrship fees are not refundable once paid as our service will have been provided and you will have received our exclusive list of UK Muslims seeking marriage with printed direct email addresses. Our monthly magazines are ususally posted at the beginning of each month except July and December when our magazines are double month issues.

6. Our terms and conditions can change at any time and will be visible online.

7. All our services are confidential so please do not share with non members. You can discuss with close family.

8. Member Telephone contacts can be provided where available and the cost is £10 for any 12 Muslims iwhere available if not included in your memebrship.

9. Muslims living outside the UK can also join for £25 and will be provided with 12 telephone contacts where available.

10. We do no thold responsibility for the of information provided by members and are unable to authenticate their details due to data protection. Accuracy of telephone contacts and emails cannot also be guaranteed.

11. Your contact and dealings should be by the guidelines of Sharia for the intention of marriage . Abusive and aggresive behaviour will lead to termination of membership. Please inform us after you get married and also pay our marriage settlement fee of £100 to Muslim Marriage Service.

12. You should be a Muslim before joining and all backgrounds are accepted regardless of race or location. All information you provide will be honest and truthful for the purpose of marriage.



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