Males Page 1 May 2018


I am born and brought up in Lahore Pakistan, currently working in Cardiff as a chartered accountant. I am 31, 6’,

previously married and looking for someone who is more or less like me. Prefer a family oriented girl who is

more into her deen. I can consider someone who is divorced.

M7228 ID:16325 Location: Cardiff Email: MEMBERS


I am honest & simple. Currently working in Birmingham UK as a doctor. I am 32, 5’11”, single Pakistani Sunni

Muslim and a practising Muslim. I expect her to be honest, loyal & caring and ideally should be able to

understand the circumstances whatever life gets you into.

M7229 ID:16409 Photo Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS


34 year old single practising Pakistani Muslim, 5’10”, currently on a work permit and working as a manager at

Holland and Barret. You should be honest, know how to cook, love my family and will always support me.

M7207 ID:14954 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


Practicing Investment Banker, British Indian, 35, 6’. Looking for a practicing wife with or without children. I have

2 children from a previous marriage. Should be practicing and UK born

M7208 ID:15011 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


Born and bred in London, 35, 5’9”, Pakistani origin, divorced, went to university and now doing an accounting

degree post training as want to obtain FCCA. I am a practicing Muslim Sunni and believe the duty is sufficient to

keep faith in this era we live in that makes even this hard to do. This is one of the reasons why I became self-

employed post training. I am an eccentric family orientated person so if you want to know more contact me.

I would want a person who is in a stage in life to settle down and is looking to making their own family. I would

support someone who wishes to work after marriage.

M7101 ID:7119 Photo Location: South Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I consider myself to be easy going, friendly and a loyal British Pakistani Muslim, 45, 5’7”, widowed, BA(Hons)

and self employed. I strive to stay away from any haraam acts, pray 5 times and observe all the fasts. I enjoy

spending time with friends and family, eating out, movies, going on holidays, walking and exercising. I am

modern in my thinking with traditional values and believe in the importance of fulfilling my responsibilities to my

family. I am non-judgemental and treat others the way I would like to be treated. If you are looking for someone

as your best friend, give you that security and make you smile then you’ve clicked on the right profile. I am

looking for a woman to put a smile on her face who is romantic, talkative with a GSOH and easy to get along with.

Someone with a beautiful heart who truly is made for me. Someone that I can share the simple and finer things in

life with, caring, loving, positive, happy and sweet. Essentially, someone with a blend of both cultures. Ideally,

would prefer her to observe basic religious duties such as praying daily, keeping all the fasts, etc. Insha’Allah!

M7181 ID:14440 Photo Location: South West Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I am originally from Karachi, am a German citizen, work as a taxi driver having been here for over 30 years. I

have my own apartment here. I am looking for a woman who can also be divorced or a widow and can also be

with a child around 35 years. I prefer to be contacted by telephone.

M6962 ID:11379 Photo Location: Frankfurt Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I am a British Pakistani, 26, 5’10”, work for the government, British, enjoy going out to eat trying new food going

away on holidays spending time with family can be homely at times. Respectful Educated girl and homely and

also somebody who is down to earth.

M7155 ID:13915 Location: North Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I am an ambitious British Pakistani Muslim, 26, 5’11”, speak many languages, MPhil Masters and professionally

employed. I have no illusions or pretensions; am practical and realistic. I am committed, have the utmost trust

and a compromising nature. Looking for someone humorous, entertaining and caring. A relationship must have

mutual respect, trust and open communication. Should have shared values and a strong friendship with a sense

of humour is essential. Hard work and commitment in whatever you do.

M7191 ID:13732 Photo Location: South. Email: MEMBERS



Males Page 2 May 2018


Looking on behalf of son, British Pakistani Muslim, 32, single, 5’6”, masters educated and working as a director.

We have been in UK over 35yrs. Son born and educated here so ideally wish to have same. Girl must be able to

speak/understand Urdu. Height up to 5’4” inch and slim build. Pakistani/Indian background. No hijaab but still

good understanding of Islam and importance. Ideally teacher or similar profession. Age 25-30, living in UK.

M7230 ID:16414 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am a Pakistani accountant, degree educated and working as an accountant in Dubai. I am a practising Muslim

26, 5’11” and looking for someone caring, lovely and honest.

M7231 ID:16343 Location: UAE Email: MEMBERS


I’m am a construction builder looking for a marriage. 36, 5’5”, British Pakistani, divorced. Love children and

want to have some. Looks don’t matter to me. I prefer someone who can bring Islamic teaching in to our lives

M7209 ID:15509 Photo  Location: North Email: MEMBERS


I didn’t really know what to say. I am single, 26, Irish Pakistani Muslim. Work 5 days a week and have 2 days off.

I like watching movies. Just looking for someone serious about marriage.

M7210 ID:15820 Photo  Location: North Email: MEMBERS


Very friendly and family orientated Sunni Muslim male, 26, 5’10”, Bsc and working as an analyst. I was born in

London (British Citizen) and my parents are Pakistani. Looking for a nice family orientated girl aged 26 or under.

British citizens only please.

M7204 ID:16197 Photo Location: South Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I am from a very small family, 32, 5’5”, British Bangladeshi, divorced, a support worker.  I live with my mum &

brother. I have an easy-going nature and can get along with almost anyone. I have a GSOH. I am looking for a

good human being with a good, clean heart. Someone who has a strong motivation towards the deen and who

has a genuine aspiration to increase their knowledge of Islam and improve in their practice of the deen.

Someone who is friendly, easy-going with a GSOH who prays or is willing to make changes by doing so 5x daily.

M7193 ID:13832 Photo Location: North Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am open hearted, 39, 5’11”, British, masters educated and work in training, widowed. I am honest, stable,

family oriented and very straight forward person. My wife was terminally ill- very late diagnosis of Cancer!!  I

have a little one 2 years old who I look after and also work full time. May Allah assist me & you finding the right

person AMEEN!! I am looking to live life with someone who is God fearing and promotes Deen in our family,

have good connection with Allah swt.

M7152 ID:13857 Location: South Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I am a dreamer, explorer, love photography  and love to watch movies. I am 26, 5’5”, Bangladeshi Muslim,

working in hotel management. Looking to marry a good Muslim.

M7199 ID:14593 Photo Location: Guernsey Email: MEMBERS


I am a practising Muslim, 49, 6’2”, divorced, a computer consultant, British. My interests include reading,

outdoor pursuits, computers, theology, history, science and travelling. I have an insatiable lust for knowledge. I

keep fit, and love to cook too. I am looking for someone who first and foremost is a practising Muslim. I would

like to spend my life with someone whom I understand and with whom I never tire of talking with, shares some

of my interests, has an adventurous spirit without overstepping the mark. Of course I would reciprocate.

M7140 ID:13062 Photo Location: North Email: MEMBERS


I am an easy going laid back individual, 34, 5’7”, British Pakistani who is open minded and willing to try out new

ideas. I embrace traditional cultural values while encompassing western ideals. I love interesting intellectual

conversations not to mention humour easy going, happy, adventurous, patient, understanding mix of both

traditional and western values someone who’s a friend and wife most of all good heart

M6930 ID:9914 Location: South Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS




Males Page 3 May 2018


24 year old British Pakistani Muslim, 5’11, single and never married, non smoker, a practising Sunni Muslim,

speak Urdu and English. Looking for a suitable match from a good family.

M7232 ID:16373 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am an easy going person 45, 5’8”, Pakistani origin Muslim, divorced, working as an Auto CAD technician. I am

religious to the extent that I keep to morals of life. I would like to meet a genuine person. Divorcee are not a

problem and nor he fact of children from previous marriages. I am looking for a Muslim female, race is not an

issue and she must not be the most religious person on earth but must have a minimal fear of God.

M7233 ID:16379 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


Boy belongs to well educated small family originally from Punjab Pakistan. Cast is Jatt Choudhry. He is 24, 5’8”,

British Pakistani, medical doctor, hobbies include gym, playing and watching football. Schooling in London.

Seeking a Sunni Muslim, doctor or suitable professional, height 5’2″ – 5’7″. Fair/white complexion.

M7205 ID:14825 Location: South Email: contact MMS


Well educated, decent person, single, 32, 5’9”, Masters and MBA, working as a structural engineer in Sydney. I

am a Sunni Muslim, Pakistani origin and Australian citizen from a noble family. Looking for an educated person

from a, small and noble family.

M7211 ID:15928 Location: Sydney Email: MEMBERS


I will describe my self as simple, honest, educated, caring and family oriented person Allhumdulillah. 34 years

old, 5’6”, MBA educated and working in administration. I am a Pakistani origin Muslim and German citizen. I am

looking for a humble, honest, family orientated lady InshaAllah.

M7212 ID:16194 Photo Location: Germany Email: MEMBERS


British Pakistani Muslim, 26 an accounts executive for a large firm and from a close highly educated family, well

placed in senior positions in Armed Forces, CSP and Bankers. Looking for marriage only with moderate thoughts

in partner. Moderate in lifestyle. Desire career growth. Hobbies mostly TV/Movies, eating out sometimes, gym,

tennis etc.  Non smoker, moderate lifestyle, and looking for someone wearing or not wearing hijab but very

modern dresses with outlook like a European girl. Can be working to become a professional and also act as a

good housewife with a co-operative attitude. Origin from Pakistan prefer Punjabi Jatt/other caste also good.

Should respect parents and be loving to husband. Religion Sunni, must practice Islam sometimes/regular, fair,

like to have children. Good mother/role model in bringing up kids. Soft spoken and maintain herself overall.

M7185 ID:15610 Photo Location: South Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


An outgoing professional, British Pakistani, 28, 5’10”, degree educated and working in a multi national firm.

Loves travelling and adventure. Interests include photography, hiking & exercise etc. Looking for a professional

from a close knit family similar to our own. Someone who values the deen and is looking to grow spiritually, has

a good nature & is family orientated.

M7183 ID:15354 Location: South Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


Slim, well kept, good looking 35 year old Asian origin South African Muslim, 5’7”, a tertiary manager. Mostly

interested in a family oriented woman.

M7186 ID:13645 Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS


I am a happy and jolly man, British Bangladeshi, 56, 5’3”, divorced who is looking for a new partner between

43-50 and must be a housewife with no job and must be a British citizen. I am divorced but I am single. I used to

be self employed, not working at the moment but I have the capacity to look after a partner. Tel. 07954280726.

M7182 ID:15658 Location: South Telephone: Available Email: contact MMS


I am a British Pakistani, 29, 6’2”, a degree educated engineer, athletic and looking for someone aged 24-30.

Education would be good if she is degree qualified but if not a major issue. Ideally someone family orientated

and with a passion to learn sacred knowledge. Caste is not an issue for me.

M7192 ID:13818 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS



Males Page 4 May 2018


I am hoping to offer lots of happy times, love, fun, a friend. Enjoy travelling and most importantly improve our

deen for the hereafter. Am a true romantic inside and out. I am a happy go lucky fun loving person, 44, 6’3”,

previously married, working as an account manager. Young at heart, kind, caring and affectionate. I have

suffered hardship and a very painful last few years. I enjoy walks, travelling, going for a drive, or just staying in. I

enjoy playing badminton, and other hobbies include photography and am a dab hand in the kitchen. If you are

genuine, contact me and I will tell you all.  You should be kind, caring, passionate, bubbly, loving and funny.

Enjoy life within Islamic boundaries and worship Allah SWT, what could be more beautiful. If you are stuck

behind a mobile phone and don’t spend quality time for your partner or Allah SWT, then there is no future.

M7234 ID:16234 Photo Location: North Email: MEMBERS


21 year old British Arab speaking Muslim, Sunni practising Muslim, currently a degree student and looking to

complete my deen with the start for marriage.

M7235 ID:16393 Location: Wales Email: MEMBERS


I am a loyal, hard working individual, practising British Pakistani Muslim, 26, 5’7”, studied IT and working full

time. Just keep her prayers up. We are not perfect

M7213 ID:16216 Photo Location: North Email: MEMBERS


Hi, I am simple and down to earth person, 32, 6’, Pakistani origin Sunni Muslim. I am currently a student of BA

(Hons) and am looking for someone gorgeous, a person with religious values.

M7214 ID:16264 Photo Location: South West Email:


I’m an engineering student at the University of Huddersfield, 20, 5’9”, Pakistani origin male.  I’m looking for a

partner in my life who deserves me aged around 19-23.

M7215 ID:16284 Location: South West Email: MEMBERS


I am 30, 5’11”, always enjoy my time with friends and family. Love to travel and try to find peaceful places away

from the crowd. Did Masters in Computer Science, worked for 6 years in the field of system administration in

Pakistan. Few months back quit my job from the post of Head of IT-Department and started further education in

London. Looking for someone fully committed, easy going and interested in religion.

M7184 ID:15354 Photo Location: South Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I am a 27yr old British Pakistani Sunni Muslim, 5’9”, working in customer service and looking for an attractive

practising wife who will help reinforce my faith and discipline. I am a laid-back/ easy going guy and I am

searching for someone humble and down to earth. I’m looking for a best friend who is prepared to share her life

with me with a good balance of deen & duniya Insha Allah. No materialistic and high maintenance sisters please.

M7104 ID:12270 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am an honest person, 39, 5’9”, British Pakistani, widowed. I do like to speak the truth and always try and

that’s what I expect from others. In my free time I like to have a rest and sometimes enjoy cooking and spending

time with family. I need a person who fulfils at least 5 salah, is a good cook, romantic, caring and understanding.

M7127 ID:13139 Photo Photo Location: South Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I am loving caring and career oriented person, 35, 5’8”, British Pakistani, masters educated with own property

business. I am looking for a partner who is loving caring and give respect

M7171 ID:13477 Photo  Location: South Email: MEMBERS


My son is a kind generous and humble person, 24, 5’9”, British Pakistani, own business. He loves to socialise,

travel and family. Looking for a lifelong partner for good times and bad and someone to grow old with.

M7197 ID:13956 Photo Location: South West Email: MEMBERS


I am a single, slim, well kept, good looking Muslim, Asian origin (speak Urdu also)originally from South Africa. I

am 35, 5’7” and work as a project manager. Mostly interested in a family oriented woman.

M7180 ID:13645 Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS




Males Page 5 May 2018


I am a humble and generous single Indian Muslim, 22, 5’11”, Bachelors student in Aukland. Speak English, Hindi

and Gujarati and just looking for a simple girl.

M7236 ID:16395 Photo Location: New Zealand Email: MEMBERS


31 years old Pakistani Muslim resident in Denmark, 6’1”, an insurance adviser, degree qualified, single. Prays

regularly. Family has great importance. Likes watching sports, mostly football and loves food. Prefer a modest,

well mannered, family oriented person who is in touch with Islam and fun loving. Also a good cook.

M7237 ID:16396 Location: Denmark Email: MEMBERS


I am 24, 5’11”, currently doing my Ph.D. in Accountancy from UCLAN. I have done bachelor and masters from the

same university. I came to England in 2013. I am Pakistani National. however, my visa is till 2022 so I am OK if the

girl is not a UK permanent resident. She should be educated and ideally good looking.

M7238 ID:16398 Photo Location: North Email: MEMBERS


Genuine humble guy, 37, 5’5”, previously married with 1 child, self employed, British Pakistani. Looking for an

Islamic lady who is humble and sweet.

M7216 ID:16286 Location: North Email: MEMBERS


I am an MBBS doctor working in Lahore, 30, 5’10” and would prefer a doctor but more importantly a fun loving

partner from a good family.

M7217 ID:16289 Photo Location: Lahore Email: MEMBERS


I am a single Pakistani male, masters in IT, working as a consultant. I have lived in Munich since 2 years. I am

looking for a family oriented girl who is flexible and willing to marry.

M7218 ID:16295 Location: Munich Email: MEMBERS


5’10”, athletic, 27, Pakistani origin Muslim, ACCA and an auditor. I like running, trap skeet shooting, badminton,

prior employment abroad Customs and Anti Narcotics. Looking for a very laid back and easy going person.

M7188 ID:13674 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am a single male, 61, 5’11”, British Kashmiri, fair complexion, Muslim, interests are religion and UK travel.

My immediate family is small. We have one bungalow with far reaching views over Sheffield. I am a gentle

peaceful man and WLTM an attractive blonde/brunette white lady, middle class English convert to Islam, very

religious, 50-58 years, wearing hijab, height 5’5”+, single/widow/divorcee with no children, good family

lineage and of honest character, Sheffield and Preston areas preferred. Telephone: MEMBERS ONLY

M7102 ID:12981 Location: North Telephone: Available Email: contact MMS


British Bangladeshi Muslim, 33, 5’9”, an IT support assistant, always trying to live an Islamic way of life and turn

to Islam for all my actions. Not perfect by any means but always trying. Fairly quiet but will speak if required.

Very caring and optimistic. Looking for someone who prays salat and covers themselves excluding face and

hands in front of non-mahram. Doesn’t wear perfume or makeup.

M7187 ID:13656 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


British Pakistani Sunni Muslim, 32, 5’9”, educated to postgraduate level (Msc), & working in the financial sector

as an investment professional. Have a good balance of E/W & Islamic values. Seeking an educated Sunni Muslim

partner with a balanced outlook on western and Islamic values, moderately religious and a working professional.

M7128 ID:13286 Photo Location: South Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS

I am a 33 yr old man from a Pakistani background (British), 5’8”. I am working full time also doing a part time

business. I am very much deen focused. Everyone has flaws buy I try to fulfil the commandments of Allah s.w.t

as much as I can. I am simplistic and I like simple things. I am not a workaholic but as the same time I am hard

working and dedicated. She has to be reading 5 times Salah and inclined towards deen, smart, modest and

family orientated. I can cook and therefore, I don’t want a maid but instead I am looking for a lifelong partner

who will be willing to stand right by side morally and emotionally.

M7226 ID:16371 Location: North Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS




Males Page 6 May 2018


I am an MBBS Dr working in the UK, originally from Karachi, 32, slim, 6’1”, single. I would also like a Muslim

Dr working in the UK.

M7239 ID:16403 Photo Location: South Email: contact MMS


British Libyan Arab Practising Muslim, 24, 5’7”, Msc in Financial Management but not currently working. My

preference is for a Muslimah that will support me.

M7240 ID:16407 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


Student podiatrist from Manchester, 20, 5’11”, British Pakistani, also work part time. Family orientated, like

watching movies/tv shows, PS4, travelling and learning about Islam. Hoping to open my clinic after my degree

and maybe get into surgery. WLTM someone who I can travel with, who likes movies and is family orientated.

M7241 ID:16408 Photo Location: North Email: MEMBERS


I am from Pakistan and Live in Dubai, 29, 5’5”, Bsc in Computer Science. I am system engineer and my future

wife should enjoy traveling and living with me even in Dubai.

M7219 ID:16309 Location: Dubai Email: MEMBERS


I am a loving British Pakistani, 28, 6’, degree educated and working as a manager. I like to stay happy and enjoy

life. She should be loving and keep happy.

M7220 ID:16312 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


Simple living and high thinking person, 32, 5’8”, divorced, a degree educated design consultant, British Pakistani

and religious. The rest you will have to find out yourself. Should be good looking, slim, smart, religious and


M7221 ID:16314 Photo Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS


I am a simple person, 36, 5’11”, divorced, British Ugandan Asian Muslim, work in the motor industry. I take

each day as it comes. Looking for the same kind of person.

M7190 ID:13714 Photo Location: South. Email: MEMBERS


Well educated Indian Muslim 26 years old, 5’10” from a good family. I will provide more details to any

interested person or family which makes contact.

M7129 ID:13302 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am friendly, care about helping people, am 24, British Pakistani, work as a banker, practising Muslim. I enjoy

playing football. Live with family and I am looking for a caring and helping good life partner.

M7151 ID:13720 Photo Location: North Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


This is simple I am after someone to share love with and take care of. I am 34, divorced with 1 child, 6’, an

operations manager. What I want in return is loyalty.

M7189 ID:13701 Location: North Email: MEMBERS


I am a single male, 28, completed a double masters and also working, 28, 5’10”. Have been living in the UK by

myself from 9 years and was born in Pakistan I am looking for a partner who is friendly, likes travelling and

having fun, and who is also religious as well.

M7178 ID:13478 Location: North Email: MEMBERS


I am looking to get married to someone who is good. I am a degree educated British Pakistani, 25, 5’11”, work in

sales and a practising Muslim. She should be nice and caring.

M7170 ID:13460 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I have just turned 39, 5’11”, divorced, British Indian, bachelors in Marketing and working. I want to settle down

before 40. I have one 10 year old son from previous marriage who stays with his mom. Like long drives, walks,

beaches, cooking, movies eating out and going to the gym. I also love riding motor bikes. Prefer someone 32-39.

M7200 ID:14638 Photo Location: Guernsey Email: MEMBERS



Males Page 7 May 2018


I am a PhD student in the department of applied Physics at Aalto university Finland. I am a Pakistani Muslim, 29,

5’8”, living in Finland since 2015. I am looking for a religious and educated life partner. I am not liberal at all and

want to spend my life according to the Islam

M7242 ID:16411 Location: Finland Email: MEMBERS


I am Alhamdulillah a 38yr old Sunni Muslim, 5’10”, speak Urdu and Arabic, an Engineering Graduate with

Masters in International Business in the US. Have my own business and am settled in life Alhamdulillah. I am

looking for a lady who is practising Islam and ready to get married. Sunni Muslim, honest, God fearing, fun

Loving and outspoken. I want my lady to be my best friend.

M7243 ID:16412 Location: USA Email: MEMBERS


I am a young educated boy from Pakistan now living in the UK, 22, 5’8. I belong to an educated Muslim family. I

pray five times and recite Quran. I want a decent Muslim girl who must be educated and belong to a well

mannered and educated family.

M7244 ID:16418 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I’m looking sincere people. I am 32, a Pakistani Muslim working in construction, 5’8”.Prefer someone who is

sophisticated and well mannered.

M7222 ID:16307 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


My brother is very calm and sober, 35, 5’5”, divorced with no children. He is loving, caring and from a good

family, values relationship and is very respectful. We are originally from India and my brother is working in

Dubai. I am his elder sister settled in UK with husband and 4 kids and I would prefer someone me in the UK so

he can come and settle here. Should belong to good family with pleasant looks who understands family values.

Someone who can provide love care and respect my brother for what he is. We promise to return the same to

any girl who is willing to accept this proposal.

M7223 ID:16319 Photo Location: Dubai Email: MEMBERS


I am born and brought up in Lahore, 31, 6’, previously married and currently working in Cardiff as an accountant.

I am looking for someone who is more or less like me. A family oriented girl who is more into her deen. I can

considered someone who is divorced.

M7224 ID:16325 Location: Cardiff Email: MEMBERS


I am a 37 year old Pakistani origin Shia Muslim male, 5’10”, divorced with no children. I have an MBA and am a

post graduate student. Seeking a practicing Muslimah; preferably in the technology domain.

M7195 ID:13956 Photo Location: South West Email: MEMBERS


Smart, handsome, jolly fun loving person, 28, 5’7”, Pakistani origin, A, work as a chef, a non smoker looking for

my life partner who can complete me. I like cleanliness, am friendly and would love my family, my business and

of course my future wife. I do care and respect the women. I like children as they are innocent gifts of God,

beautiful, intelligent, religious who can look after our children and who can mingle with me. I would like my

future wife to support me and stay by my side in all aspects of my life.

M7194 ID:13930 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


British born 30 yr old British Pakistani practising Muslim, 5’8”, pray 5 times. Enjoy reading Islamic books and

learning from lectures. I’m a family oriented person, enjoy badminton and take care of the family business when

needed. I am also working in an admin/data entry role, and am a computer technician by profession. Looking for

practising sister or someone who wants to learn about religion. Ideally someone shy, pious, caring and loving.

M7196 ID:13998 Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS


I am a simple man, single, 45, 5’7”, medical doctor in Lahore. Down to earth and ready for marriage as soon as

possible. I am a very honest man and hardworking and want to meet a simple woman that I can call my wife,

that has understanding no matter what, and respect for each other.

M7203 ID:14808 Photo Location: Lahore Email: MEMBERS




Males Page 8 May 2018


I am a just normal person, 41, 5’9”, British Egyptian Muslim, divorced, university educated and a hotel

manager. Looking for a normal and funny person.

M7245 ID:16422 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am a disciplined, career oriented ambitious person, Pakistani. 46, 5’7”, a salesman. I like good food and a

happy family life. Seeking an easy going, loving and family oriented Muslima.

M7246 ID:16445 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


Easy going, 22yr old British Pakistani, 5’8”, university educated and a vehicle tester. I am loving, love to socialise

and spend time with family. Also looking for someone loving and caring.

M7247 ID:16447 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am 21, 5’9”, a British Pakistani, Economics degree student at a top 5 university. Fair skin & green eyes. Enjoy

movies, restaurants, theme parks and going to the gym. I am moderate in religion with a balance of E/W. I pray

most salah’s, don’t take drugs/cigarettes/alcohol. I am accommodating and easy going. Looking for a Sunni

Muslim, someone cheerful, respectful and modest. Not someone loud or argumentative, as I myself am not like

this so am looking for someone with a similar temperament. Hijab is not a requirement and don’t mind either.

M7225 ID:16336 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


Tall, dark and Handsome? Well maybe a little. I am a 28 yr old British Iraqi Muslim, 5’8”, working as a manager.

Seeking a Muslimah who is from a Middle Eastern background but brought up in UK.

M7227 ID:16339 Location: Glasgow Email: MEMBERS


I am Hafiz-e-Quran, 35, 5’6”, Pakistani origin Muslim, Msc, and own business, living in the UK for 10 years.

Prefer an honest person who is educated for marriage.

M7201 ID:14670 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


45yr GP, 5’10”, divorced, British straightforward, down to earth and a caring Individual. Non- materialistic,

happy and a caring family person. Idea of marriage is friendship, love and care. To take care of my future wife in

every way. Share responsibilities and experiences together. Very used to helping out at home and I do the

dishes, baking, at home we have divided all the household tasks. I pray 5 times, am a moderate Muslim, clean

shaved. Likes movies, science fiction books, baking, gardening, DIY. Happy to visit places with future companion.

Open and honest. Pakistani roots. Some family in India, Bangladesh as well. Urdu speaking. Family settled in

London in the 60s. Educated parents. Looking for 35-40yr, similar individual, never married, educated and

working, professional, sweet and caring. Pakistani background, UK citizen. In or around London. A family person.

M7131 ID:12300 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


British Muslim, 34, 5’9”, work as a computer technician. I have completed Hajj and Umrah. I don’t drink smoke

or go clubbing. I respect women and their right to freedom. I live within a joint family, love children and I am

able to take full responsibility for their care. I have a GSOH, love travelling to different countries, enjoy eating

different cuisines, am able to cook, clean, iron and maintain daily chores around the house. I am a computer

literate and fix and repair computers laptop and mobile phones. I don’t deceive others and don’t wish the

same from my life partner. Please only contact me if you are a British citizen. Divorced women most welcome.

Not here for friendship, only for marriage. Someone who has an average height. Ideally looking for an

educated British citizen who has the norms and values of living in a joint family and someone who practices her

deen daily.

M7169 ID:13448 Photo Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS


I am a practicing Muslim, 27, 5’7”, BA, PGCE, British Bangladeshi,  looking for my life partner Insha’Allah, to

complete my Deen. I like to live my life accordingly to the teachings of Islam and like to live within my means. I

work as a Study Skills Tutor. Picture available on request. I am looking for my other half, someone who is kind,

caring and a practising Muslim who will help keep me on the right path and is respectful.

M7179 ID:13578 Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS





Males Page 9 May 2018


I would describe myself as patient, family orientated, an optimist. I am 28, 5’7”, British Bangladeshi, a masters

educated Chartered Management Accountant, jovial, creative, driven and determined. I am seeking someone

who has modern as well as traditional values, who is committed to Islam, someone who is caring, supporting

and sociable and in a right place in their life to settle down.

M7248 ID:16450 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am single, 42, 5’11”, Indian Muslim, educated, working in sales,  and want to get married. A life partner to be

with my rest of life. A beautiful girl with honesty by heart, colour doesn’t matter, nice understanding  & loving.

M7249 ID:16454 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am a simple 33 year old British Bangladeshi Muslim, 5’5”, previously married, graduated and currently working

as a chef. Want to marry somebody from a simple background.

M7250 ID:16470 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am 40, 5’10”, a slim British Pakistani. I have 3 sisters, no brothers and have completed a number of Computing

courses. I am resident and working in Northern Ireland (part of UK). My father passed away and my mum is in

Jhelum. I am looking to settle and get married to a suitable candidate.

M6995 ID:10482 Photo Location: Ireland Telephone: Available Email: prefer contact by phone


I am a kind and very much of committed person, 30, 5’6”, CIMA, working in marketing, British practising

Muslim. You should be a very understanding person.

M7198 ID:14009 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am 33, 5’6”, Pakistani Muslim living in Italy with a private job. I trust on my luck and would prefer a good

looking and trusting person.

M7202 ID:14706 Photo Location: Italy Email: MEMBERS


I am an adventurous, ambitious, confident, determined, easy going, friendly, funny, loving, sensitive, smart,

romantic, serious, religious Bangladeshi Muslim, a citizen of the USA, masters educated work as a doctor living in

Dallas, Texas. I am 41, 6’, single and never married, enjoy giving, am a good listener. I want a simple life partner.

M6977 ID:10444 Photo Location: Texas Email: MEMBERS


I am 29, 5’9”, British Pakistani, self employed electrician. I also do Car sales and mechanics as a side business.

My goals are to one day run multiple businesses so I can live life to its fullest and travel the world. I’d love to do

this with my life partner. I love eating out, walking in parks, hiking, exercising and computer gaming. I am

described as caring, laid back, generous, genuine, a good listener, hard working, intelligent and respectful. I am

family oriented and respect women. I am divorced and can provide information if anyone is interested. I am

looking for a sincere, kind, relaxed and attractive girl to spend my life with. Someone I can call a great friend as

well as someone I can grow with, and most of all… a loving wife. Would like someone from UK with a Pakistani

background or lives in Pakistan as more likely to build compatibility. If interested kindly leave a message.

M7156 ID:13918 Photo Location: Midlands Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS

















Females Page 10 May 2018


I am a caring and well educated home maker, 27, 5’3”, a PhD student, Pakistani visitor. Looking for a

straightforward, caring and honest person.

678F6 ID:14013 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am a caring, practising, confident woman, 33, 5’5”, Dutch national of Turkish origin, Masters educated. I try my

best to improve and develop myself. Seeking a merciful, humble, polite, confident, caring, practicing person with

a bold charm. A man who is always grateful for all that Allah has given and enjoys life.

679F6 ID:14404 Location: Amsterdam Email: MEMBERS


I am an outgoing and down to earth person. Born and raised in West Yorkshire. I am 22, 5’2”, Pakistani from

a Pathan family. I have a degree in Bsc (Hons) Optometry and currently work full time as an Optometrist. When

I’m not working, I enjoy going to the gym, spending time with my family and friends and travelling. I live with my

parents and 3 siblings. My friends would describe me to be funny and sarcastic at times but I’m usually the

person they would come for advice! Any further questions, just ask. I am looking for someone who is fairly

practicing like myself. Preferably someone who has good morals and character. Sense of humour would also help!

660F6 ID:13548 Location: North Email: MEMBERS


Down to earth British Pakistani female, 32, 4’11”, divorced, masters educated and working in teaching. Looking

for a sincere person who can dare to speak the truth and face the realities of life with the help of smiles. A down

to earth person who can face life with the help of Quran.

661F6 ID:13583 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am a confident, easy going, bubbly individual who is making the most of each day, 26, 5’, work as an admin

officer, British Bangladeshi. I love socialising and meeting new people and experiencing new things. I’ve got a

sweet tooth but I try to balance it by working out at the gym. I’m looking for someone similar to me, someone

easy going, laid back, loves to travel, funny, charming and a little bit of romance wouldn’t hurt, someone that’s

stable and can support me to help me grow and learn new things and enjoy each other’s company.

627F6 ID:13093 Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS


Simple family person, 30, 5’6”, divorced, working in admin, British Pakistani, living with parents, divorced with no

kids. For more info contact me. Looking for Sunni practicing Muslim, someone who at least reading daily salah.

Someone who is currently living in the UK preferably from Azad Kashmir side but will consider other Pakistanis as

well. Someone who is willing to move over to our town as all our family is settled here. Students, work permit &

permanent residence will all be considered. Age 27-35. Someone who is not married or divorced with no kids.

622F6 ID:13532 Location: North Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


Currently studying Medicine, and also studied in Lahore for 2 years as we lived there. British Pakistani, 25, 5’2”,

fluent in Urdu speaking and also able to read and write. We have strong family values, enjoys cooking and

travelling. Looking for someone with a similar background Dr/Dentist. Someone who has strong family values,

likes to socialise, travel and is ambitious.

620F6 ID:13741 Photo Location: South Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I have a BSc in Biology, am 27, 5’7”, previously married, British Pakistani. I taught English to Saudi Arabian adult

female students in 2016. In 2017 the contract of my Dad in Saudi Arabia ended and I came back to UK. I have

also taught English to adult foreign students in Summer schools. Now staying at home with my parents. You

should be Sunni, preferably with degree, 27-33, origin from Pakistan but a UK national, 5’7”-6’, upto 70 Kg.

647F6 ID:13276 Photo Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS


I am a 29 year old, 5’3”, Pakistani female, living in Italy as a citizen with my family at the moment and speak

Urdu and Italian. I am kind, caring, honest, trustworthy and a very understanding person. I have completed a

diploma in Commerce and am self employed. I am also very family orientated and respect my elders a lot. I

follow Islam as best I can. I am looking for someone who is mature, caring, loving, trustworthy and someone

who I can share things with and talk to, someone whose respect me.

540F6 ID:10488 Photo Location: Italy Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS




Females Page 11 May 2018


I am an independent, educated and decent person, divorced, British Pakistani, 28, 5’6”, masters educated,

working as a pharmacist. Looking for someone who can be compatible with me.

680F6 ID:14556 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am 35, single, 5’5”, a degree educated IT project manager, British Pakistani. You can ask me what else you

would like to know. I prefer a hardworking, decent person who is loyal to his relationships

681F6 ID:14568 Photo Location: North Email: MEMBERS


I am 32 yrs old, 5’3”, British Pakistani, living with my family in Manchester! I’m a caring and loving person! I like

traveling, reading and cooking! I am a degree educated, work as a wedding cake decorator and I enjoy my job!

Don’t mind a single or divorcee, no kids, educated, 30 or plus, N/S. Should be caring, nice and respectable.

662F6 ID:13604 Location: North Email: MEMBERS


Positive, bubbly, honest female, divorced British Pakistani female, 35, 5’8”, a case worker who appreciates

life and health and enjoys spending time with family and close friends and dedicating some of my time to

charitable causes. Have a great passion for horses and travel. Seeking a life long husband who shares similar

interests. Honest, caring family man who enjoys and appreciates family values in Islam and to respect others,

financially stable and seeking children inshallah.

663F6 ID:13609 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am 27, 5’4”, Pakistani female, divorced with no children, graduate and looking for someone loyal and a good

person. Someone who is kind, honest and loyal.

658F6 ID:16326 Location: North Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I am a Pakistani Muslim female, 23, 5’1”, Msc, teaching and on a family visa in Singapore. I belong to a noble,

caring family and also prefer a person from a Muslim, caring and noble family.

659F6 ID:15537 Photo Location: Singapore Email: MEMBERS


I am a revert since January 2011, white English Muslimah, 50, 5’1” studying to learn more about submission.

I’m non-materialistic and prefer a simple life based on self-improvement and helping others, including helping

my partner in marriage. I’m quite a private, light hearted, ‘calm in a crisis’ and patient type of person. I am

content to listen and like to spend the time to chat things through. I enjoy cooking healthy food and am creative

(Ex-Graphic Designer). Walking is my favourite exercise. I don’t have children and am content with what Allah

swt has provided me. I would consider fostering or caring for your children if you have them. Prefer a revert or

practising Muslim who feels secure in their deen, enough to know their responsibilities & guide me in marriage.

Ideally, a good communicator with an open, humble heart showing me about Islam or receiving the same from

me. Someone similar in the sense that they’re not ‘rigid’ but are willing to learn, change and improve themselves.

640F6 ID:15537 Photo Location: South. Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I am a caring 21 year old Indian Muslim, speak English and Urdu, practising from a good family. Looking for a

person who is must be caring and loving.

641F6 ID:13160 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


British Pakistani female, 28, studied for a degree in Optometry, wears hijab, from a good family, currently

teaching Arabic. Looking for a religious British Pakistani from a good family, educated. Contact via family.

604F6 Location: North. Telephone: Available Email: Contact MMS


I’m a practising British Pakistani Sunni Muslim, 37, 5’4”, divorced, with a love of my religion. I work as a teacher

in a primary school and live with my son. I am patient, hard working and caring. I enjoy bike rides, long walks,

films, baking, henna art, reading and travelling. I will make my photo available to anyone I think is worth it. I am

looking for a partner who is practising but forward thinking.  Someone who wants to build an Islamic home and

understands their duty as a husband. He must also be hard working with a sense of humour and not quick to

anger. Someone who loves children and animals and shows kindness to both. Most of all he must be patient.

617F6 ID:13420 Location: Midlands Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS




Females Page 12 May 2018


I am a divorced sister, British of Moroccan origin, 47, 5’6”, work in the civil service. Looking for a genuine

Muslim to follow the Sunnah. A kind and caring sister who is strong and independent. Positive outlook on life

and GSOH. Looking for a male, 46-55, ideally Arab/Any ethnicity, 5’7 ”+,  single / divorced. A God conscious

brother to guide me in the Deen and dunya InshaAllah. Preferably someone who already has children as I’m not

considering having any more ia. A UK citizen or someone who has legal immigration status and in employment.

682F6 ID:14569 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am a 39 year old Pakistani female, 5’, divorced with 1 child. I want a serious relationship called marriage. He

should be responsible, caring, loving and a British Pakistani.

683F6 ID:14903 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am fun, outgoing, 22, 5’6”, British Pakistani female, enjoy spending time with family and love to travel. I enjoy

listening to music and helping around the house. Seeking a tall, practising Sunni Muslim, preferably older by a

year or two who is caring and genuine. He should put his family(wife etc) first and is sensible and hard working.

664F6 ID:13618 Location: North Email: MEMBERS


Hi, I mm a Parisian, Indian origin French citizen, 36, MBA, Msc, working in corporate marketing and sales. I am

career minded, like traveling, reading, going out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Looking for an ambitious,

well educated man with decorum, good manners and an international profile.

665F6 ID:13621 Photo Location: North Email: MEMBERS


Divorced 29 year old British Pakistani female, 5’3”, medical doctor. Non alcoholic person and also prefer an

educated, non smoker, non alcoholic, independent and employed person.

642F6 ID:13198 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am a revert British sister, 43, 5’7”, divorced, a practising Sunni Muslimah. More details will be given later

upon request.

643F6 ID:13216 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am a 29 year old happy, social, practicing British Pakistani Sunni Muslim, 5’7”, graduate and working in

insurance. I enjoy eating out and keeping fit and am a non hijabi. Seeking a tall practicing Sunni Muslim. Must

be British citizen, financially stable and family oriented.

557F6 ID:11389 Location: North Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I am looking for my 27yr old daughter, a British Pakistani, who recently got divorced. She has 3 kids, been

through a lot recently and wanting to find a genuine gentleman who will love and care for her. She is studying

nursing advanced degree as she missed out on her early years due to motherhood and commitment. My

daughter is house proud and committed. She is fun going, respects family values and is cultural. Looking for a

genuine caring natured person. You must be educated to min level, caste just a Muslim. Must come from a

good family background (humble), aged 25-32. Must be working class. No time wasters or wife beaters please.

561F6 ID:11062 Photo Location: North Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


Salam, I am a convert Muslim here, 36, 5’3”, previously married, living in the Netherlands and a Dutch citizen. I

work as a therapist. Islam is correct, people are not. I would like to meet my soulmate who is a good husband

that likes sharing and also friend etc etc.

579F6 ID:12808 Photo Location: Netherlands Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I am 32, 5’4”, British Pakistani, medical background, unfortunately lost my husband due to terminal illness.

Although I’m a very independent person I work part time. For me the most important time is with family and I

like to keep the house organised clean and tidy. I believe that marriage is a compromise and if both parties walk

half way there’s only success at the end of the tunnel. I am an honest and open hearted person. The worst

people for me are liars and cheaters. I’m not a really fussy person. I prefer a simple and straight forward person

who likes to have a laugh and can be serious also. I prefer a widower like myself with a young child.

609F6 ID:12773 Photo Location: North Email: MEMBERS




Females Page 13 May 2018


I am a 38 year old Indian Muslim female, 38, 5’2”, currently living in London, divorced and right now working

in a restaurant. More information upon request.  Seeking a loving and caring London citizen with good income

and from a small family.

684F6 ID:15004 Photo Location: Poland Email: MEMBERS


My niece is 24, 5’4.5”, UK born of Bangladeshi origin, educated to degree level and working in the NHS. She is

from a reputable family background withf good character/morals. We are seeking a groom between 25-31,

above 5’5”, educated to a degree level, UK citizen, from a good SYLHETI (BANGLADESHI) family with good

character/morals. Interested guardian, siblings friends of the groom should ONLY contact bride’s uncle.

685F6 ID:15650 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am a traditional homely girl, 34, 5’8”, British Pakistani, educated and working as an optician and have a sweet

caring nature. Looking for a husband. Looks not important, must be educated and have good manners.

666F6 ID:13736 Location: North Email: MEMBERS


My sister is a warm, family oriented, a humble person who is looking to find a decent man to get married too.

She is a mixture of shy and confident, 38, 5’8”, British Pakistani, divorced (no children). She has always looked

after her parents and siblings and puts others first. She has also worked hard all her life and is mashAllah an

established doctor. She is looking for someone who is kind with ah good at heart. Someone who is a gentleman,

has somewhat of a professional background with whom she can have conversations / mental connection with.

667F6 ID:13772 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am bubbly, independent, family orientated, 29, 5’, British Bangladeshi, working as a respiratory physiologist.

Looking for someone respectful, strong, kind and loyal.

668F6 ID:13829 Location: North East Email: MEMBERS


I am an Eastern European divorced Sunni Muslimah, with 3 children, 47, 5’5”, slim. I know what I want. Prefer a

good Muslim and man. Other things are not important.

644F6 ID:13227 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY@SEZNAM.CZ


I am a sincere and good natured person, 38, 5’6”, British Pakistani Sunni Muslim. I am LLB educated and LPC

educated. I have never been married. I am working as legal assistant for a solicitors firm. I respect my religious

and cultural values. I am family orientated. I enjoy reading, listening to music and spending my spare time with

family and friends. I am looking for a British male and prefer a degree holder who shares similar values.

562F6 ID:12215 Location: North Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


British Pakistani Muslimah, 31, she is a caring, loving, honest, understanding, educated girl working as a writer.

She belongs to the respectable educated Saiyed family and has 5 siblings. She is the youngest of all siblings who

are married. We are looking for a rishta who should be educated, loving, caring, understanding and belonging

to the educated Urdu Saiyed family (others can also contact but Urdu speaking ).

595F6 ID:12226 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


British Pakistani female, 23, 5’1”,degree in social work and also working as a social worker. Enjoy reading books,

and am outgoing. Prefer a working practicing Muslim who is educated.

558F6 ID:11393 Location: Glasgow Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I’m a working dentist living in Surrey with my parents. I am 29, 5’4”, British Pakistani, a practicing Muslim.

Seeking a professional person from a good family background.

619F6 ID:13730 Location: South Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I am a reliable and keen person, 20, 5’5”, British Pakistani Mirpuri, working in health and social care, considerate

towards others always keep others as a priority. I’m a shy person at times looking for someone who is serious

about settling down. Trustworthy man of his words and someone serious about settling. Someone who knows

how to keep family together and put a partner together as well, a nice loving partner any girl could ask for.

653F6 ID:13395 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS



Females Page 14 May 2018


22 year old tall British Somalian female, bachelors student, enjoy reading books. Looking for someone who

fears Allah & is over 5’10” 

686F6 ID:15938 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


Calm cool natured 45 year old British Bangladeshi female, 5’2”, divorced and a teacher. Prefer to meet a few

times before any commitment. Looking for someone with a GSOH, and educated with Islamic values

687F6 ID:16183 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS



Caring, loving, truthful and honest 24 year old Pakistani female working as a teacher in Faislabad, slim. Looking


for a person who live in UK and is educated and a permanent resident, Sunni Muslim.


688F6 ID:16266 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS




I’m a moderately practising, British Bangladeshi, 28, 5’2”, constantly striving to improve my character and


knowledge. I am honest, hardworking, generous, kind and well mannered individual and would like someone


that appreciates these values. I am a pharmacist and known to be a bit geeky so my main interests are science


related, however I also like history, architecture, nature and scenery. I like to take part at charity events at every


opportunity and find it very rewarding. I also like to attend talks/lectures. I am a good listener and love having a


laugh and have a GSOH. I am looking for a like minded professional with a similar outlook. Someone who


implements Islam in their daily duties but has a light hearted approach. Ideally someone who would like to


further their Islamic knowledge, work together to gain the rewards of the hereafter. I would prefer someone who


adopts a simple lifestyle, has an interest in current affairs and the ability to hold a good intelligent conversation.


669F6 ID:13834 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS




My sister is very devoted hardworking girl, 31, 5’4”, divorced with 1 child and a Pakistani medical doctor. Loves


fun, movies, going out and holidays. She has achieved a lot in few years and is a kind and respectful of woman.


Looking for an educated person who loves going on holidays, loves life and family. Prefer an educated person,


ideally a medic or doctor


670F6 ID:13841 Photo Location: North Email: MEMBERS




31 year old British Pakistani Muslimah, 5’4”, Bsc in Computing and Multimedia Systems and working as a project


co-ordinator. Looking to find someone educated and professional.


671F6 ID:13844 Photo Location: North Email: MEMBERS




British Pakistani female, 37, 5’7”, divorced, no children, slim, degree educated and professionally employed.


More details provided upon request.


645F6 ID:13230 Photo Location: South Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS




This profile is on behalf of my sister, 32, 5’1”, Pakistani. We are from an educated family in Pakistan and our


father is a retired army officer. She has done her BSc in Accountancy / ACCA and currently she runs a business


which I also help her on a part time basis as I work full time as an auditor in one if the big 4 audit firms. We are


moderately religious as a family. Please get in touch with me if you would be interested to know more. Being


educated with good family background preferably from Pakistani origin.


559F6 ID:8401 Photo Location: South. Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS




I am looking for a genuine, honest and decent person. I am 39, 5’2”, widowed with 2 children, a support worker


and British Pakistani. You should be 40-47, with or without kids. Either divorced or single, is working and has his


own accommodation.


654F6 ID:13455 Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS




I am a well educated and passionate entrepreneur with an open outlook to life and future. Indian Muslimah, 31,


5’3”, MBA, religious and follows namaz 5 times, and lives maximum within what is stated in Holy Quran. Would


like to have a girl who is modern thinking, educated with an open outlook to life. Can be moderate religious but


would like to have someone who knows religious and more than all family values.


676F6 ID:13994 Location: North Email: MEMBERS





Females Page 15 May 2018


20 year old British Pakistani female 5’5”, working in the NHS, belong to an educated and good family. Fair

complexion and also studying accounting and finance. Seeking a guy with decent looks, never married, good

education and job, preferably in UK.

689F6 ID:16270 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am a mother of two wonderful sons who I would give my life for, British Somalian, 37, 5’7”. I am easy going,

kind, and passionate person. I don’t like difficult, confrontation people. I like to please my family and loves once.

I am sensitive and don’t like to offend and hurt other people. I am practicing, I pray and fast, however, I would

like to perfect my salat. If I could choose a place to go on honeymoon it would be Hajj. I am looking for someone

with good character, morals, and deen. I would like to have more children inshallah. I am working on a small

startup which I enjoy and is also taking a lot of my time at the moment. If I would to be asked to name the one

thing I dislike the most, it would be dishonesty so you must be honest, with good character and deen.

690F6 ID:16293 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I come from a family oriented, well settled and Sunni Muslim background, 34, single, 5’3”, Pakistani, currently

working on my Msc. Religion is important to me and I try to improve myself. I love traveling and experiencing

new cultures. I consider myself lucky to have lived in different parts of the world. I enjoy reading in my free

time. I’m looking for a humble, genuine and practicing Muslim. Someone with good character and strong imaan,

a friend and companion for life. Someone who understands the importance of marriage and is willing to put

effort to build that relationship.

691F6 ID:16298 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am Law degree qualified, 25, 5’, slim, British Pakistani, work as a solicitor. Looking to settle down and should

ideally be a professional Sunni Muslim.

649F6 ID:13290 Location: North Email: MEMBERS


Single British Arab Muslimah, university educated, 27, 5’. I prefer to give more details upon request but you

must be serious about marriage.

650F6 ID:13333 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am a beautiful and intelligent British lady, 41, self employed, practising. I am honest, sincere and trustworthy.

I would like to meet a good and God fearing man. An Ideal partner that will love and cherish me

648F6 ID:13280 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


My daughter is 20, 5’3”, studying Finance & Accounting BSc, currently doing a gap year. We are Sunni Syed from

a Pakistani background. We are Gilani Syed. She is slim, wears a hijab and has both E/W qualities. She is British

born. She is pretty, fair skin and very funny once you get to know her. Hardworking & a loving caring personality.

Looking for a Sunni Syed boy of Pakistani background educated with a degree and working in London area or

nearby. Someone who has Islamic values 21-24, loving, compassionate and caring as we have just lost her

father. Only authentic Syeds interested for marriage, British born and educated to degree level persons contact.

646F6 ID:13237 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


British Muslimah, 28, 5’7”, an events organiser. Looking for that someone special to settle down and marry, I’m

bubbly, outgoing and fun. I’m also kind and caring. Seeking someone like minded and ready for marriage.

655F6 ID:13469 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


24 year old female British Pakistani Muslim born and bred in London ,5’4”. A Law graduate currently working as

a HR professional in the City; looking for a like-minded individual. Very family orientated and respectful of elders.

Practising Muslim interested in exploring the world to witness Allah’s creations and miracles. Currently learning

Arabic. Very much interested in adventure, knowledge and food! Absolutely love kids and hope to have my own

one day. Seeking a mature guy 27-36, educated to at least graduate level, financially stable and can look after his

family. Someone who is open minded, born and living in the UK, practising Muslim, respectful and hard working.

Someone ready to complete half of his Deen. Interested in travelling and exploring new things.

621F6 ID:13724 Photo Location: South Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS




Females Page 16 May 2018


I come from a traditional to moderate Urdu speaking family. I am 43, 5’4”, divorced, British Pakistani, an

ambitious individual, compassionate, considerate, sweet, kind hearted, loyal, and honest. I am looking for is

someone to share my life with, friendship and my soul mate. Marriage is a life time commitment and I would

like to share it with someone kind, sincere exciting, caring, easy going and who can make life fun and exciting. I

think a good relationship depends on trust, openness and enjoying each other’s company and sharing each

other’s interests. A UK citizen, working, honest, reliable and trustworthy

692F6 ID:16333 Photo Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS


40 year old British Pakistani female, 5’4”, previously married, masters educated and working as a psychologist.

Looking to settle down with someone loving and caring. Will tell more later

693F6 ID:16370 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


British Pakistani female, 23, 5’5”, a masters student. Affectionate, ambitious, articulate, caring, creative, easy-

going, genuine, good listener, happy, hard working, intelligent, kind, modest, optimistic, outgoing, passionate,

family orientated and fear of Allah(SWT). We are a traditional family with a background from Rawalpindi and

family combination from Pathan, Raja, and Rajput. We reside in London and are looking for a similar match

Groom required 23-28, 5’9 -6’3, single, Sunni, graduate or own business. Personality required: ambitious,

confident, friendly, smart, romantic, religious (but not strict) and family orientated.

694F6 ID:16385 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I’m doing my masters in sociology & psychology, am 23, 5’, British Pakistani. My family if originally from Attock

in Punjab. We live in West Yorkshire, profession, degree min qualification, age 24 – 30. Ideally person is from

Attock or surrounding area i.e. Rawalpindi , Islamabad etc. preferred Hindco Urdu English speaking.

675F6 ID:13963 Location: North Email: MEMBERS


My daughter is highly educated and has a good family background, 28, 5’4”, divorced, MBA from UK, settled in

Lahore, Pakistan. Good urban family background. Prefer someone educated with a good official job below 35

years of age, can be divorced but without children.

638F6 ID:15231 Location: South Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I am a 30 yr old, 5’3” British Pakistani, a moderate Muslim, degree educated & working in project management.

I live with my parents. I am a kind hearted, energetic & fun loving! I speak my mind and can be loud sometimes,

haha. I am very passionate and genuine. I would like my husband to be the same (except for the loud, lol!)

Insha’Allah. My hobbies include shopping, travelling, going out to eat with family and looking after myself and

my body. I exercise 4-5 times a week, and am a believer in the sanctity of marriage. I am old fashioned in that

sense. I am looking for someone who genuinely wants to get married. I do not expect to have exactly the same

interests as my husband, but I do believe a mutual appreciation and interest is important. Someone career or

business minded, family orientated, ambitious, caring, respectful, a partner for life whom I can explore all

avenues of life with. He must be loyal and faithful to me no matter what. I keep halal and never smoke/drink.

This is something I don’t compromise on. If this sounds like you, email me. British Muslims only please.

637F6 ID:14214 Photo Location: South Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


Practising Sunni Muslimah, Pakistani origin, 39, 5’3”, divorced with 1 child, MBA and work as a manager. I am

honest and reliable and looking for someone trustworthy.

651F6 ID:13346 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


Family orientated law graduate, British Pakistani, 29, 5’5”, LLB, currently working in the civil service at the

Treasury. Enjoy spending time with family, reading and travelling. Want to find a like minded person with a

professional educated background.

618F6 ID:11384 Location: North Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I am an easy going and honest divorced with one child, 39, 5’2”, British Arabic speaking Muslimah. Looking for

a person who is respectful and God fearing.

657F6 ID:13480 Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS




Females Page 17 May 2018


I am searching for my daughter who is an optometrist, 23, 5’3”, British Bangladeshi. She is a gentle, sweet, and

caring girl. She does the obligatory actions of Islam. She is also very cultured. In her spare time she loves going

to the cinema, cooking, and would like to travel. If you’re interested in communicating, you can communicate

with her first and then parental involvement is essential. Looking for someone who is caring & family orientated

and performs the obligatory actions of Islam, someone in the healthcare profession and British Bengali.

695F6 ID:16394 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I can be a complicated individual as I have many sides to me but I am one of the funniest, most caring, loving,

compassionate and energetic people you’ll meet, 27, 5’6”, British Pakistani, religious. I am looking for someone

who is able to accept my love and hold my hand into trusting and accepting theirs. Someone who is able to

stimulate me intellectually, mentally and emotionally in deen and dunia inshallah.

696F6 ID:16421 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am a Syeda Sunni, 25, 5’4”, am a caring and funny person. I’m outgoing and would like to travel abroad and go

on holiday. I love watching TV series in my spare time and love spending time with family and friends also like

listening to music and reading books. I love shopping and treating myself. I’m an honest person. I also love

praying to my almighty. You should be an honest person who respects women, caring and the main thing has to

be Syed Sunni and like to travel. Also someone reading namaz five times a day who’s on the path of deen.

677F6 ID:14005 Photo Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS


I am passionate about striving to perfect my Iman so that has to be important to my future husband too. I am a

Sunni Muslim, British, 33, 5’2”, a finance assistant. I am loving, positive and have a passionate personality. I am

also passionate about cooking fresh food, spending time with loved ones and family & keeping physically active

& do love long walks, playing squash & badminton. I occasionally go to the cinema. Ideally I would like to settle

with a UK born Muslim and can relocate if needed. I am family orientated, and can’t wait to settle and start my

own! I have done Ummrah & hope to do Ummrah many times with my husband InshAllah.  It is important that

you are a practicing Muslim. The rest is obviously the usual; humble, responsible, trustworthy, family values,

patient, loving, a laugh, good friend, passionate etc. No one is 100% perfect so let’s chat and see if there is

anything there ;). I wear the hijab and want a man who respects that. May Allah SWT guide us all to our rightful

partners Ameen. I prefer to communicate with those with a picture, as it’s only fair I see who I’m speaking with!

536F6 ID:10414 Photo Location: South. Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


My daughter is from a Gujjar family and is a non hijabi moderate Sunni Muslim, 25, 5’3”, degree educated and

working at a solicitors office. She attends millads and khatams and prays her daily fards. She is Soft spoken,

humble, honest, sincere, a loving, caring homely girl with lots of qualities, from a respectable family who is

willing to relocate to areas in the North West. Interests: enjoys going places, current events, socialising, going

on walks, eating out, keeping active and enjoys spending time with family. WLTM someone with a degree, slim

built, aged 25-28, over 5’6”. Prays or at least tries to pray daily fards, a Sunni Pakistani, just someone who is

easy going, honest, sincere, understands family values and is stable. Please contact mother Jazzakallah

632F6 ID:13115 Photo Location: North Email: MEMBERS

I am a simple person, 24, 5’3”, British Pakistani training as a pharmacist. I am aware of the importance of the

role of a wife/mother in Islam and am not too career-minded. I love my job and it feels rewarding to be able to

provide the medicines that help to treat illnesses and it is also quite flexible so I can choose which days to work.

I love to learn about Islam and have recently completed Umrah Alhamdulillah. I have attended tajweed classes

and would like to continue doing so and would hope my partner would encourage me insha’Allah. I like to

educate myself about what is Islam is and like to speak to my non-Muslim friends/colleagues about our Deen. I

follow the Hanafi madhab and also take beneficial knowledge from other schools of thought, and I do not

participate in milaads/ khatams. I enjoy spending time with my family and cooking both desi and western food. I

also enjoy going out and trying new cuisines. Wear Hijab and Abaya. If you would like to know please send me a

message (my sister will be communicating on my behalf and discussions will go through my parents insha’Allah).

I am looking for someone who prays and tries to follow the Qur’an and Sunnah. Someone who is calm, soft

spoken and easy going. I am mainly looking for someone with a good heart, who is honest and is not afraid to

speak the truth. Within the London area only. Ideally, someone who is okay to have our own place insha’Allah.

599F6 ID:13281 Location: South Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS




Females Page 18 May 2018


Single British Pakistani female, 29, 5’, a degree educated teacher, practising Muslimah. She is looking for life

partner from a similar background.

697F6 ID:16457 Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS


A practising Muslima, 54, 5’5”, masters educated and self employed, British Moroccan. Beautiful inward and

outward. I look much younger than my age & possess a GSOH Alhamdulilah, a creative personality and a mature

mind. I have got a natural ability to relate to people from different background. I am an amateur photographer

and well travelled. I like everything good in life and dislike lies & cheats. I’m looking for an intelligent practising

Muslim, preferably educated to a degree level. He should be nice and caring and able to love me as I am.

652F6 ID:13350 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS


We are a family orientated Sunni Muslim family well settled in UAE for 45 years. We are looking for a well

settled family oriented person, Sunni Muslim and preferred Urdu speaking in UK, USA or UAE for daughter 28,

5’4”, masters educated and an interior designer.

674F6 ID:13916 Location: UAE Email: MEMBERS


I do not believe in Milads/Khatams and want someone who has the same views and follows Quran & Sunnah.

For those who want to know were Arain from Faisalabad sides & speak Urdu/Punjabi. I am 29, slim, 5’8”, British

Pakistani, well educated data coordinator. I want early family involvement. I will ONLY meet with my parents.

I am down to earth, laid back can have a laugh, although my profile seems blunt & to the point. I am family

orientated & quite traditional at heart. Alhamdulillah been praying 5 times for the past few years no matter

where I am, but have a lot to improve on as I want to adhere to the hajab/abayah. I try to keep healthy, like to

keep fit and to the go gym. InshAllah looking for a decent, responsible, family orientated Pakistani guy. Prefer

someone medium build but not a must, 5’10”+.

656F6 ID:13476 Location: North Email: MEMBERS


Friendly, out-going, fun-loving. 23 year old Pakistani female, 5’4”, masters educated and an engineer. Mature

and empathetic. A home maker, practicing Muslim and a good cook. A little bossy. Good family background.

Seeking a mature, practicing Muslim, educated, understanding, empathetic, honest, friendly and fun-loving

with a good family background.

672F6 ID:13877 Photo Location: North Email: MEMBERS


British Bangladeshi practising Muslimah, 25, 5’4”, single. More details upon enquiry. Looking for someone

funny, down to earth, practices religion, straight forward, caring and respectful.

673F6 ID:13906 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am a 24 year old single Sunni Muslim girl (wear hijab), British Pakistani, educated to master’s level and

currently working for a multi-national UK company in London. I am attractive, slim 5’7” and enjoy going to the

gym a few times a week. From age of 12 to 18 I lived in Saudi Arabia with my parents and did my secondary

education, including ‘A’ levels, there. I would describe myself as outgoing, enjoy meeting people and especially

enjoy socialising with family and friends. I have travelled extensively and would say this is one of my favourite

past times. Inshallah I hope to complete the two year graduate management scheme I have just started and

then continue with my current employer in a management role. I am looking for a man aged 25-30 who is a

practicing Sunni Muslim, well-educated and must have either a British, US, European or Canadian passport only.

Ideally you must be taller than 5’10”, athletic & enjoy the gym like I do. Someone who enjoys going on holidays

and works hard to achieve the good things in life would win favour with me. This together with the ability to

respect our elders but have the ability to look out for your partner would be a great combination for a happy life.

598F6 ID:12829 Photo Location: North Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS