Males 36+ Printable Monthly UK list

NOTE – This UK list also includes Muslims who do not sign up directly on our website




I am friendly and caring, British Bangladeshi Sunni Muslim, 38, 5’5”, own business. I will always do what I can to

keep my loved ones happy. Although I have been told that I am funny, I am very sincere and try to follow Islamic

principles as much as I can in how I live my life and how I treat others. I would like a sincere and open-minded

partner who will value me for who I am. I would prefer a British born Bangladeshi.

M7148 ID:13145 Location: North Email: MEMBERS


I am a calm, quiet, quite chilled and family orientated British Pakistani Muslim, 38, 5’8”, divorced, masters

educated and working as an assistant manager. Looking for someone who does not want to control every

aspect of life.

M7144 ID:13107 Photo Location: South. Email: MEMBERS


I am an ex professional sportsman, 40, 6’, divorced British Pakistani, msc, now a landlord and property developer.

I am from a simple family of me and mum, enjoy the finer things in life within the perimeters of Islam. Looking to

seriously settle down asap. Give me a chance to be your knight in shining armour. I won’t disappoint. I am humble

and a real gentleman. Please get in touch Looking for someone to be my princess, who can support me and enjoy

life and make a happy family together.

M7145 ID:13121 Photo Location: South. Email: MEMBERS


I am a simple man, 36, 5’7”, a degree educated accountant, British Bangladeshi who is honest and caring. I work

hard and try to be the best I can be.  I am mature and have a great personality.  Deen is very important to me

and always has been.  InshaAllah one day I hope I could be a good husband to someone who is simple, decent,

humble, happy with what Allah has given & always strives to be the best person she can be.  Someone educated

and can be intellectually stimulating; someone inspiring; with modest dress sense and uttermost decorum.

M7138 ID:12761 Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS


I am a professional, divorced professional man, 51, 6’3”, British Pakistani. Straight forward, loyal, forgiving and

genuinely looking for a lifer partner. No games and someone who wants to focus on the future, not on the past.

M7139 ID:12842 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am a practising Muslim, 49, 6’2”, divorced, a computer consultant, British. My interests include reading,

outdoor pursuits, computers, theology, history, science and travelling. I have an insatiable lust for knowledge. I

keep fit, and love to cook too. I am looking for someone who first and foremost is a practising Muslim. I would

like to spend my life with someone whom I understand and with whom I never tire of talking with, shares some

of my interests, has an adventurous spirit without overstepping the mark. Of course I would reciprocate.

M7140 ID:13062 Photo Location: North Email: MEMBERS


I am a very caring, polite, patient, respectful Sunni Muslim, 38, 5’11”, a university educated theatre technician.

Looking for a woman who is polite and caring.

M7136 ID:13348 Photo Location: North Email: MEMBERS


I am a simple Sunni Muslim, British Pakistani, 41, 5’10”, graduate and currently working in own business in

Dubai. I am a simple person and looking for a compatible Sunni Muslim.

M7133 ID:12448 Photo Location: Dubai Email: MEMBERS


45yr GP, 5’10”, divorced, British straightforward, down to earth and a caring Individual. Non- materialistic,

happy and a caring family person. Idea of marriage is friendship, love and care. To take care of my future wife in

every way. Share responsibilities and experiences together. Very used to helping out at home and I do the

dishes, baking, at home we have divided all the household tasks. I pray 5 times, am a moderate Muslim, clean

shaved. Likes movies, science fiction books, baking, gardening, DIY. Happy to visit places with future companion.

Open and honest. Pakistani roots. Some family in India, Bangladesh as well. Urdu speaking. Family settled in

London in the 60s. Educated parents. Looking for 35-40yr, similar individual, never married, educated and

working, professional, sweet and caring. Pakistani background, UK citizen. In or around London. A family person.

M7131 ID:12300 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am an honest person, 39, 5’9”, British Pakistani, widowed. I do like to speak the truth and always try and

that’s what I expect from others. In my free time I like to have a rest and sometimes enjoy cooking and spending

time with family. I need a person who fulfils at least 5 salah, is a good cook, romantic, caring and understanding.

M7127 ID:13139 Photo Photo Location: South Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I am a 40 year old British Indian Muslim, MBA, a travel agent, living in London for quite a while and recently

relocated to Hyderabad, with parents now. I am an ambitious man with a GSOH in all the moods. Irrespective

of country and class of a family, I am looking for a well cultured, confident, smart, slim and open minded life

partner. I would like to meet up with the family I am joining.

M7124 ID:12216 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am a normal family guy, British Pakistani, 36, 5’9”, Bsc in Computing, currently working in a bank. Originally

from Mirpur Azad Kashmir, I am an understanding, humble and friendly person. Prefer someone aged 21-27,

but not really fussed about it.

M7125 ID:12249 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am 46, divorced, bachelors degree, work in hospitality, Bangladeshi Muslim and permanent UK resident. I am

trying Islamic life, am a soft hearted man, like easy going life and love children. I have 2 children who do not

live with me. I live alone and am looking for a serious life partner with a good heart, easy going and religious.

M7126 ID:12254 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I was born and raised in Leicester, am British,  51, 5’9”, degree educated, divorced. My parents originally came

from a beautiful island called St Vincent in the Caribbean. I run my own property business & enjoy life as much

as possible and have been single for almost 2 yrs. WLTM a female I can communicate with and has love for Islam

M7121 ID:12066 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am an optimistic and kind individual, Bangladeshi Muslim, 38, 5’8”, work as a chef and try to live according to

the Quran and sunnah. Seeking a caring kind person, and a wife who loves Islam.

M7122 ID:12188 Photo Location: South West Email: MEMBERS


I’m the kind of person who is independent and self sufficient, 47, 5’9”, British Arabic background, an architect.

I am honest, trustworthy, caring and a loyal person. I enjoy spending time with friends, going to restaurants,

theatre, ballet, opera, cinema, swimming, walking, table tennis and more. I want a person that will have similar

interests, some new ones and know what she wants. I’m looking for someone who is happy to be in a

committed relationship who is emotionally stable.

M7118 ID:11758 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


Single man, never married, 40, Pakistani, permanent UK resident. Can’t really say much about myself other than

that I am like most usual men. To know me get in touch with me. WLTM someone down to earth, sensible and

wise. Good looks are a bonus but other things are important too. Someone who could completely understand

me. I am not really looking for any widows or divorced women as I have never married before myself. Academic

background is not important but must be reasonably intelligent, self sufficient, an independent woman.

M7117 ID:11743 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I’m a caring, down to earth, family orientated British Pakistani, 46, 5’11”, divorced, Msc and an engineer. I like

eating out, holidays, cooking, and getting to know about Islam. Am financially secure, and not interested in

your riches. I make handi and roti, and can cook Pakistani dishes as well as English.  I have 4 grown up children

from my past marriage and they all live with their mother. I don’t smoke, drink, gamble, drugs, or clubbing and

my family comes from Mirpur Azad Kashmir. I will share pictures if someone is interested. WLTM a down to

earth person who is mature and understands E/W culture, some one that lives in West Yorkshire would be ideal.

M7108 ID:10508 Location: North Email: MEMBERS


I am a hard working divorced British Bangladeshi Muslim, 39, 5’11”. I am a civil servant, loyal, caring and loving.

I like living as a humble person and love family oriented life. I am health conscious and I try to keep myself fit

by going to the gym. I read my five salah every day and try and gain knowledge about Islam. I have a boy who

is 8 who lives with his mum. I am looking for someone who is caring, humble, practicing and trustworthy.

Someone who I can share my life with, be my best friend and is loyal.

M7109 ID:10511 Location: North Email: MEMBERS


I am a single male, 61, 5’11”, British Kashmiri, fair complexion, Muslim, interests are religion and UK travel.

My immediate family is small. We have one bungalow with far reaching views over Sheffield. I am a gentle

peaceful man and WLTM an attractive blonde/brunette white lady, middle class English convert to Islam, very

religious, 50-58 years, wearing hijab, height 5’5”+, single/widow/divorcee with no children, good family

lineage and of honest character, Sheffield and Preston areas preferred. Telephone: MEMBERS ONLY

M7102 ID:12981 Location: South Telephone: Available Email: contact MMS


British Pakistani Muslim, 49, 5’10”, divorced, practising Muslim, work as a plumber. I am just a normal man and

like being focused on my job. I am looking for lady who stays home, cooks, cleans and look after children.

M6998 ID:10495 Location: Midlands. Email: MEMBERS


Slim, well educated (MA/BA Economics, Cambridge), work as an analyst, 49, 5’7”, single and never married,

British, well read, decent, unpretentious, likes traveling, keen interest in politics, football, cricket, enjoys cooking

& fond of home cooking. Lives alone in own house. From a liberal family, father Pakistani, mother Asian from

Tanzania. Not so bold in conversing with ladies and may come across arrogant but loving in reality, a gentleman.

Would like an educated, unpretentious female with some similar attributes as mine, a good listener, kind

natured, sincere with natural looks. Has to be younger than 40, love kids & animals.

M6994 ID:10480 Location: North Email: MEMBERS


I am 40, 5’10”, a slim British Pakistani. I have 3 sisters, no brothers and have completed a number of Computing

courses. I am resident and working in Northern Ireland (part of the UK). My father passed away and my mum is in

Jhelum. I am looking to settle and get married to a suitable candidate.

M6995 ID:10482 Photo Location: Ireland Telephone: Available Email: prefer contact by phone


I am of Pakistani origin, British, aged 45, 5’9”, divorced, slim, a metal polisher Looking for compatible life partner

aged 43- 47 with Islamic values.

M6991 ID:10451 Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS


I am a simple, easy going, considerate person, 41, 6’, divorced British Arab Muslim, also speak French. Work as

a driver and am a practising Muslim. I enjoy the simple things in life such as sports, reading, films and going out.

I value honesty and kindness. I am here for a genuine pious and humble person who cares about her religion.

M6992 ID:10452 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I am an honest guy, British Pakistani, 41, 6’, divorced, a traffic officer. I am down to earth and if you would like to

know more please contact me so I can discuss more. I would prefer someone loyal, honest and a family person

who will accept my kid.

M6993 ID:10475 Photo Location: North Email: MEMBERS


I am 37, 5’10”, British Pakistani, divorced, degree educated, working as a manager. Seeking my soul mate. An

independent woman who enjoys travel. Someone who is a thinker, free spirit and wants to travel.

M6988 ID:10386 Photo Location: North Email: MEMBERS


I am an easy going, gentle 43 year old single British Arabic (Kurdish) Muslim, 5’11”, self employed. Love reading,

movies and seeing new places. I want to meet my partner to share my life with. Someone honest and serious,

ambitious and family orientated to build a stable and quiet life filled with happiness, love and understanding.

M6989 ID:10427 Location: North Email: MEMBERS


I am a British 39 year old Muslim, 6’4”,self employed. Looking for someone serious, a good Muslim who doesn’t


M6990 ID:10437 Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS


I am an outgoing as well as a homely person, 55, 5’9”, previously married, slim British Indian practising Muslim. I

enjoy walks, sightseeing and movies. I am a caring, humble and responsible person. I am looking for a happy,

friendly, talkative person looking to love and build a future together through good communication. InshaAllah

seeking a good person who can walk with me shoulder to shoulder through life.

M6983 ID:10321 Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS


I am a Bangladeshi Muslim, citizen of the USA and a masters educated doctor in Dallas. Can speak English, Urdu

and Bengali. I am 41, 6’, adventurous, ambitious, confident, determined, easy going, friendly, funny, loving,

sensitive, smart, romantic, serious, religious, giving and a good listener. I just want a simple life partner.

M6977 ID:10444 Photo Location: Dallas Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I am a divorced British Pakistani Muslim, 43 and have a degree in pharmacy. I currently live with my mother. I am

financially secure and an educated professional. Religious values are important to me. Originally from Lahore.

Looking for a Sunni female, 26-32, divorced or widowed ideally without kids, and can be from Pakistan from a

good family. Must have basic education, family values with a balance between Islam and cultural understanding.

M6978 ID:10273 Location: Dallas Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I’m looking for a simple practising mature woman, God fearing, loyal and honest. I am 40, 5’11”, widowed with

no children, self employed as a gas engineer, Sunni Muslim. As a husband I know what my responsibilities are. I

will treat my wife as a life partner and my best friend, someone she can trust. I don’t smoke, don’t do late nights,

don’t drink, don’t get angry easily. Get in touch to find out more. I’m looking for a normal Muslim who is honest,

loyal and trustworthy, between 35-44 who is simple like me, with family values. Someone who loves being part

of a family and ideally is divorced and am also happy to marry someone who’s unable to have kids.

M6972 ID:10211 Location: Midlands. Email: MEMBERS


I am a hard working person, 36, divorced, British Pakistani, HND educated and now working as a manager. I am

looking a person to fill my iman of Islam. Looking for someone honest and loving.

M6973 ID:10249 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS


37 year old British Pakistani, 5’11”, Sunni Muslim, masters educated, practising. I am nothing special and am an

ordinary person. Also looking for a normal person, nothing special.

M6969 ID:9925 Location: North. Email: MEMBERS


I am caring honest and trustworthy, a British Pakistani Muslim, 43, slim, Bsc(Hons), self employed. Looking for

someone who should be trustworthy and caring.

M6963 ID:9864 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


British Pakistani practising Muslim, 36, 5’4”, self employed. Previously married and now single – please ask me

for more details. Now looking to settle down with the right person.

M6964 ID:9885 Location: South Email: MEMBERS


I’m a honest, nice and caring type of man, British Pakistani, 36, 6’1”, British Pakistani, educated and self

employed. I have been told I am better looking in reality than from pics. Like to go shopping, cinema,

restaurants, holidays, and music. Sometimes pray and read Quran. Listen to Islamic nasheeds /naats. Wanting a

Sunni Pakistani girl, single and never married. UK citizens only please.

M6960 ID:9847 Photo Location: North Email: MEMBERS


I am Pakistani origin, 37, 5’9”, MBBS, MPH, DCH, MRCP1, registered as a specialist doctor in England, United Arab

Emirates and Pakistan. Presently working as a Specialist Registrar with the National Health Service. Our son is

smart, good looking, kind caring and an intelligent doctor. We are looking for a beautiful wife for our son, fair

complexion, tall, single and never married, from a good family.

M6959 ID:11356 Photo Location: North Telephone: Available Email: Contact MMS


I am 57, 5’7”, British Pakistani living in London, BA Accounting, currently work in security and looking to get

married. I prefer you to contact me by telephone. I am serious about marriage and can discuss more by phone.

M6956 ID:11355 Location: South. Telephone: Available from MMS. Email: contact MMS


I am a caring honest person, 39, British Pakistani, practising Sunni Muslim, been divorced however looking to

seriously settle down. I am looking for a caring, honest woman who would fit into a small family of myself and

my parents.

M6953 ID:10486 Photo Location: Glasgow Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I’m a simple soul, 37, 6’1”, divorced, British Pakistani, self employed, striving towards one goal and I know I can’t

do this alone. Technically speaking, seeking a divorcee with a son who is open to more children in the future.

M6944 ID:9379 Location: Midlands. Email: MEMBERS


I am a 43 year old divorced British Pakistani, completed my Pharmacy degree. I have no contact with my ex who

also has the children. I currently live with my mother. I am financially very secure and an educated professional.

Religious values are very important to me. Originally I am from Lahore Pakistan. Looking for a Sunni female,

26-32, divorced or widowed is OK but ideally without kids, 26-32 and can even be from Pakistan from a good

family. Must have basic education, family orientated with a balance between Islam and cultural understanding.

M6934 ID:10273 Photo Location: North. Telephone: Available from MMS. Email: MEMBERS


I am educated, nice, genuine, honest, sincere and down to earth person, 42, Pakistani, 5’7”, divorced, PhD and a

Programs Manager. I live happily and try to help everyone I am with. I want to settle down permanently and can

relocate. Looking for an educated, easy going, trust worthy, genuine, loving and caring like myself.

M6931 ID:9918 Photo Location: Midlands Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS


I’m 42, 6’2”, kind, honest, calm and loyal, previously married with 2 children. I came to UK 20 yrs ago, now British

but still very much a Mauritian man with Asian background and a strong belief in religion. I am a graduate and a

health care manager. I try to be regular with namaaz and follow the Sunna of our prophet pbuh. I believe it is

important to respect other people and especially our parents. I’m a family person and value family more than

anything else in life. I hate argument and believe we must respect each other. WLTM a wife 32-40 who is kind

and caring, and practices religion.

M6925 ID:9054 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS


I am a patient person, 42, 6’1”, university educated and a business owner. I am quite mature and responsible by

nature and a social person. I play tennis and do snowboard. I’m Turkish and have family living in Bursa. I like

reading and mostly interested in history, philosophy maths and of course QURAN. I like to travel a lot and I am

living for only to serve Allah subhane and teala. Looking for someone wide visioned, educated, who loves Allah,

Quran centred, social, interested in arts and travel, honest and good looking. I am serious about marriage.

M6926 ID:9075 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS


I am a very nice and sensitive British man from UK, 46, PHD, work as a contractor. I am sincere, loyal, have two

kids and my wife died some years ago. Right now I am single, looking for a nice woman to marry.

M6922 ID:9006 Photo Location: South. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


Single British Pakistani Sunni Muslim, educated, practising and work as a director 38. I will discuss more upon

contact but am not looking for anyone special.

M6915 ID:8684 Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am a kind and caring 42 year old British Pakistani Muslim, 6’2” ,MBA and self employed. in general I am a non

smoker and prefer the same and a person who is honest.

M6912 ID:8656 Location: North Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am a divorced British Bangladeshi Muslim, 39, 5’11”, a technician. I am caring, respectful, an attentive listener,

smart, confident, assertive and have many more beautiful qualities. I am here to find my other half Insha Allah

and serious about marriage. I am more than welcome to talk more about myself if you are serious about

marriage. So please do feel free to contact me I’m looking for a lady between 25 to 35 years old who is humble

and intelligent and beautiful also independent and with great sense of humour.

M6909 ID:8598 Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am a divorced 38 year old British Egyptian Muslim, 5’11”, university educated and work as an ambulance crew.

Looking to now find the right person for marriage.

M6902 ID:8556 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am a single British Pakistani male not married, 36, 5’6”, qualified electrician and looking for someone to marry

and spend my life with who will respect me and Inshallah will be respected in return and treated well. Our

beautiful religion has thought us Muslims to treat their wives with respect, kindness and honesty. I am a straight

forward, honest and simple person and WLTM a good woman in heart who will respect me and will gain the

respect in return.

M6901 ID:8504 Photo Location: North. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I’m a single father, 47, 5’11” and have been divorced for over a decade. I am British born and bred, parents

originate from Pakistan. I have lived a life which has not been perfect but changed it around immensely. I’m a

homely person and do all my cooking and cleaning. Family means everything and I am blessed to have my

parents around who I care for very much. I’m not on here to waste my or your time and am genuinely looking

for a loving marriage. Someone who is caring, honest and knows what love and family values are. Single parents

most welcome. I can imagine how hard this is for woman and last thing they want is dishonesty like I said I’ve

had a past but it’s the future I want to focus on, and family involvement can be as arranged.

M6895 ID:8463 Location: North. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


Pakistani Muslim, 37 years old, 1.65m, Sunni Muslim, single and never married. I am seriously looking to now

get married to any Muslim from any background. More details upon contact.

M6893 ID:8451 Photo Location: Midlands. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I’m a well settled British Pakistani Muslim, 40, been here since 14 yrs. I’m physically fit, studied accounting and

have own business. Ideally seeking a practising person, average age, not too young but middle aged under 40.

M6891 ID:8420 Photo Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am a dynamic and hardworking, love innovation and learning new things, 36 year old British Indian, 5’10”, a

degree educated management consultant. Looking for someone with good common sense and being able to

hand various situations of life in a thoughtful way.

M6866 ID:8356 Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY


Matrimonial proposals invited for a well-mannered and God-fearing 36yr-old educated Sunni Muslim man. I am

5’10” tall and clean-shaven. I am a family oriented person from a Pakistani family. I am an American citizen living

in USA. However, I will certainly be open to relocating to another country such as the UK. I have been to the UK 3

times in my life. I hold 2 degrees from USA. I have worked in corporate America for companies such as Siemens,

Deloitte and Accenture. These are well respected employers. I have a strong background in the Information

Technology field. I have a number of hobbies and interests, including exercise, trying new cuisines, visiting

museums and am open to new things. I would like to get married Insha-Allah to complete my deen and start the

next phase on my family, Insha-Allah. If you are interested, then please email details and photographs

M6885 Photo Location: USA. Telephone: Available from MMS. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am a very simple person, 40, 5’9”, divorced, a British Bangladeshi, highly qualified medical doctor. I am serious

kind of person so I do things from the heart, sincerely and efficiently. However, I trust people and try to be

trustworthy. I am caring and always smiley. I like travelling and enjoy meeting new people with different culture.

Looking for someone sweet, simple and fun loving, always smiley who takes things easily and deals in a very nice

and simple way. Obviously caring.

M6884 ID:8874 Photo Location: South Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am a very simple British Bangladeshi Muslim, 39, 5’9”, degree educated and self employed. I am looking for

an honest good Muslim who is happy.

M6882 ID:8353 Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am a 36yr old British Pakistani Muslim, single, hardworking, like the outdoors and have a huge passion for

innovation. Looking for someone with common sense and understand how to handle various life’s situations.

M6879 ID:8348 Location: North Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am decent man, 36, 5’6”, British Sunni Pakistani, single, a practising Muslim. I am hard working, go to the gym

regularly and live with parents and siblings. I am looking for a nice woman to spend my lifetime with and am

serious for marriage. No time wasters please.

M6872 ID:8250 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I’m a British Bangladeshi Muslim, 38, 5’10”, divorced, work in IT. I am an Islamic religious man indeed with

Islamic knowledge as well “Alhamdulillah”. I try to obey Allah and his “Prophet peace be upon him”. I love to

spend time with family. I’m looking for a lifetime soulmate and the person should be Islamic obedient.

M6870 ID:8247 Photo Location: North. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am 38, 6’, a British Pakistani, divorced, studied electrical engineering and with own business. Looking for a

loving caring and educated life partner from a good family background.

M6871 ID:8249 Location: North. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am a single 38 year old Pakistani origin Muslim, also lived and worked in Hong Kong so also speak Cantonese. I

am looking for someone honest and kind.

M6869 ID:8233 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am 51, 5’7”, British Pakistani, previously married and looking for a life time partner. Looking forward to getting

a sincere person to spend my life with her. My partner should be sincere and loyal and the special thing is that

she can understand a relationship.

M6865 ID:8217 Photo Location: North Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS ONLY


Sunni Muslim of Malaysian origin and permanent UK residence, 41, 5′ 2”, PhD educated, professional, married

with no kid, simple person, outgoing, family oriented, love travels and enjoy sports. I seek a sister who is

religious, kind, honest and willing to build a family. Ideally aged 30 and below, settled in the UK.

M6862 ID:8509 Photo Location: North. Telephone: Available from MMS. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am a simple and nice person, 44, 5’10”, Pakistani origin and now resident in the UK. I lived 14 years live in

Barcelona and  now working in Stoke.

M6860 ID:7799 Photo Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am a straight forward person 36, 5’8”, British Pakistani, divorced, masters in law and a project manager who

likes to keep things simple. I want a person who will explore the world with me

M6847 ID:7605 Photo Location: South. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am a divorced British Pakistani Muslim, 39, 5’6”, degree educated accountant. Have got two children not living

together. I am a Sunni Muslim moderate and looking for a simple Muslim girl, only serious people contact please.

M6848 ID:7641 Photo Location: South. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


Funny, intelligent and easy going British Bangladeshi, 41, 6’, PhD and a banker.  I am a practising Sunni Muslim,

divorced, eldest of 3 siblings and the only son. Looking for someone who is like minded and caring in nature. I

prefer a Bangladeshi, divorcees or never married. Someone who has no children if divorced, happy to live with

parents and preferably wears hijab.

M6843 ID:8310 Photo Location: South. Telephone: Available from MMS. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


40 year old British citizen Pakistani, divorced, GSOH. I work as a botomist and don’t mind someone who is also


M6837 ID:111097 Photo Location: North. Telephone: Email: MEMBERS ONLY