Females 36+ Printable Monthly UK list

NOTE – This UK list also includes Muslims who do not sign up directly on our website




Divorced practising sister (3 children), 46, 5’4”, Portuguse Muslimah, permanent UK resident. Trying to improve

in my deen. Seeking a practising brother who is striving in Allah’s path.

610F6 ID:12869 Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY@yahoo.co.uk


I am Sunni Muslim female belong to Urdu speaking family from Karachi, 42, 5’.I have done graduation from

Karachi University and am presently in the UK on a student visa. Looking for an educated good looking divorced

or widower but the issue is less the person. Must be a UK citizen of Pakistan origin aged 50-59.

606F6 ID:12483 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY@gmail.com


I am an honest down to earth, kind hearted & straight forward person, 40, single, 5’, British Pakistani post

graduate. I am volunteering as a teaching assistant in a primary school. I pray 5 times and read Quran everyday.

If you want to know more about me I am happy to answer all your questions. Prefer a person who is God fearing,

down to earth, religious and a caring brother who can support me in every aspects of my life.

607F6 ID:12674 Location: North Email: MEMBERS ONLY@hotmail.com


Single British Sunni female, practising Muslim, 37, 5’6”, degree educated and currently a student. Looking for a

good person from a respectable family, serious about marriage.

590F6 ID:11788 Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY@gmail.com


I am very simple woman, and an honest lady, 43, divorced and a full time mum. Seeking just an honest and

simple man for marriage.

591F6 ID:11826 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY@hotmail.co.uk


I am loving and caring person, 48, 5’4”, masters educated, work as a nursery practitioner, divorced. Seeking a

loving, caring, responsible and respectful person. Age range: 50-60 years.

585F6 ID:11130 Location: midlands Email: MEMBERS ONLY@hotmail.co.uk


British Pakistani female, 37, 5’1”, BA educated, divorced and currently not working. For information please

make contact for more details.

582F6 ID:10514 Location: North Email: MEMBERS ONLY@hotmail.com


I am a divorced British Sunni practising female, 38, 5’6”, slim, well educated and working as a foster carer. Will

give more details upon request.

581F6 ID:10503 Photo  Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY@gmail.com


Salam, I am a convert Muslim here, 36, 5’3”, previously married, living in the Netherlands and a Dutch citizen. I

work as a therapist. Islam is correct, people are not. I would like to meet my soulmate who is a good husband

that likes sharing and also friend etc etc.

579F6 ID:12808 Photo Location: Netherlands Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS ONLY@hotmail.com


I am a loving, caring, outgoing divorced 55  year old British female, 5’2”, currently a carer. I have a GSOH, am

family orientated but sometime stubborn. You must also be loving, caring, outgoing, financially secure and also

practise Islam.

574F6 ID:10390 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY@gmail.com


I am a 41 year old divorced British female, 5’5”, practising to the best of my ability. You must also be practising

and following the Sunnas, humble, kind, loving, genuine and trustworthy. My grandparents are from Pakistan

but we are all British Muslims.

575F6 ID:10394 Photo Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS ONLY@hotmail.com


I am a British Muslimah, 46, 5’4”, divorced with 3 children and a homemaker who is striving in Allah’s deen in

every aspect of my life, Alhamdulillah! Looking for the same: a Muslim man who fears Allah.

572F6 ID:10346 Location: East Midlands Email: MEMBERS ONLY@gmail.com


Dental surgeon, masters educated, 46, 5’7”, Pakistani national, divorced with 1 child, slim and a practising

Muslim female. Prefer a person with a good character and educated.

567F6 ID:10252 Location: Sindh Email: MEMBERS ONLY@hotmail.com


I am a sincere and good natured person, 38, 5’6”, British Pakistani Sunni Muslim. I am LLB educated and LPC

educated. I have never been married. I am working as legal assistant for a solicitors firm. I respect my religious

and cultural values. I am family orientated. I enjoy reading, listening to music and spending my spare time with

family and friends. I am looking for a British male and prefer a degree holder who shares similar values.

562F6 ID:12215 Location: North Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS ONLY@outlook.com


37 year old British Pakistani female, 5’6”. Currently a degree student and practising Muslimah. Seeking a similar

practising British Muslim.

560F6 ID:11788 Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY@gmail.com


My friend is a simple Pakistani unmarried female 41, 5’, graduated from Pakistan. She has fair complexion, a

soft nature and on a student visa doing a management course. Seeking a loving, caring, educated person 48-58.

555F6 ID:9870 Location: North. Email: MEMBERS ONLY@yahoo.com


I am 36, 5’4”, a British Pakistani divorced, with 3 children, self employed. I love travelling, fine dining, watching

movies, and also enjoy an evening in on my couch. Looking for a life partner who is serious about marriage.

553F6 ID:9631 Location: North. Email: MEMBERS ONLY@gmail.com


I am a professional person currently working as a teacher, 47, 5’4”, masters educated, divorced with 3 children,

British. I can speak Portugese, Spanish, Urdu and Punjabi. I have strong family values and belong to a close knit

family, with modern values and a GSOH. I have a great sense of adventure and love to travel. Looking for a new

partner, with strong family values. I would like to share; my love of nature and cultural interests with someone

who has similar values and a happy disposition. Someone who is reliable, caring and honest.

547F6 ID:9188 Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY@gmail.com


Very attractive lady with 10yr old son, 44, 5’8”, British Pakistani working as a secretary. Husband passed away

2yrs ago. Looking for a genuine man who can accept a pretty lady and her son. She’s got lot to offer and will be

a very loyal wife. She won’t be disappointing. Prefer someone in Birmingham or close. Also tall and must be

from UK and a good honest person with a GSOH.

542F6 ID:11142 Photo Location: Midlands Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS ONLY@gmail.com


I am a divorced British Pakistani practising Muslimah, 43, 5’6”. I have 3 girls aged 19 and twins 16. Looking for a

down to earth guy who doesn’t want anything other than pleasing & gaining reward for his responsibility on this

earth, a God fearing Muslim who loves children and can take responsibility knowing Allah is watching his actions.

530F6 ID:9082 Location: North. Email: MEMBERS ONLY@hotmail.com


I am an honest individual, 37, 5’4”, British Pakistani, divorced with no children, a teacher, friendly and reliable. I

am creative, expressive and affectionate. I’m an optimistic individual, like learning and intelligent conversation. I

get on with people of all backgrounds. Alhamdulillah I have been practicing for a number of years and try to

better myself. I live with my mother (who is a widow), my youngest brother, sister in law and their children.

After marriage insha Allah I would like to continue working and if Allah blesses me with children I would prefer

to raise my children insha Allah. I’m seeking a man who will fulfil his duties as a husband insha Allah and as a

father if Allah wills. I find a great personality, the ability to have intelligent conversation, and a great sense of

humour more attractive than one’s looks!

497F6 ID:8553 Location: South.  Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am a single, loving, caring, 37yr old  divorced Indian, 5’2”, graduate, enjoy cooking, am sensible, and a very

hard working woman. I am looking for someone simple doing suitable work and with no extra demands.

494F6 ID:8535 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am a simple family loving moderate practicing Sunni Muslim, 38, Msc, a clinical Psychologist. I was born &

brought up in UK but a few years schooling was in Saudi Arabia. Our family is Indian origin, the best of both

cultures, E/W. We all are professionals and enjoy family time together. I read namaz 5 times a day and fast

during Ramdan. I wear hijab. My hobbies are going for plays, cinemas & eating out & reading. I am looking for a

professional from a more or less from a similar family loving background. He should be a permanent UK resident

preferably settled in UK. He should be a moderate Muslim and easy going, N/D & N/S. Reverts are welcome.

492F6 ID:8514 Location: Scotland. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am a 38yr old Bangladeshi origin female, 5’4”, divorced. I believe in simplicity and being a down to earth

person. I am confident in what I do. Like to talk straight and dislike people who lie and with 2 faces. Am very

disciplined and punctual. Like to socialise and have fun with family and friends but sometimes prefer to remain

in myself. Love children and sometimes love being like them. Looking for someone confident and sensible with

a caring and fun loving nature. Educated and social. Should love children. And no lies please.

481F6 ID:8707 Location: South. Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I’m a God fearing, kind hearted and lively person who is 39, 5’5”, divorced with 2 children. I am masters

educated and also work as a teacher. Sunni practising Muslim and looking to get married to a responsible, easy

going, kind and generous God fearing practicing Muslim.

478F6 ID:8453 Location: Midlands. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


Looking for a soul mate. I am a fun loving, God fearing individual, 36, a public servant. I prefer you to be God

fearing, hard working and family orientated.

470F6 ID:8381 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am a caring, understanding, motivated and affectionate British Pakistani female, 42, 5’3”, undergraduate with

own business. I have a GSOH. Being successful is a major achievement. I WLTM someone like minded with the

same attributes, 43-51, qualified, divorced/single, liberal, should be aware of E/W and be able to speak Urdu.

467F6 ID:8355 Location: North. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am an educated well presented lady, 42, 5’4”, British Pakistani, divorced, MBA educated and work in project

management. I do not have narrow minded views but have strong moral values. I was married at 19 and my

twins are both independent now. I want to give myself a second chance in life, hence looking for a mature, well

travelled Muslim guy ready to get to know me for marriage and has the strength to make effort. Although looks

are of importance it is the character and conduct which is what I am looking for. My life partner should be

educated, if possible well travelled or have understanding of various cultural background. A mature man who is

ideally divorced with older kids who has achieved his career aspirations and is now looking for an educated and

attractive life partner. A man who believes in marriage and love, not cheap romance who likes to dress smartly

and stays fit, well groomed who believes in long term relationship. My life partner will be one who has fear of

Allah and who tries to bear Allah in mind when conducting worldly affairs and has respect for elders and family.

Physical attraction is must but character is more important. My preferred life partner will be between 44-52

466F6 ID:8327 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am originally from Mumbai, 47, 5’3”, divorced with 2 kids, daughter is married and my son is 16 alhamdulillah,

very good ,religious and a bright student. I belong to a business class family, have two elder brothers both

happily married in Mumbai. My has father passed away and mother is in Mumbai with brothers. I was married

for last 23 years but unfortunately didn’t work out. I have been through a lot from my previous marriage but

alhamdulillah Allah knows what’s better. I am very honest and loyal, believe in Allah almighty the greatest of all.

I know that whatever happens in your life is a lesson to learn and move on because life is temporary. I prefer an

understanding, loving and caring person who respects women and likes to live life to the fullest, is respectful for

religion and fears Allah, likes to go out, enjoys little things in life and is content with whatever Allah has provided

463F6 ID:8494 Location: South. Telephone: Available from MMS. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am a simple family loving doctor, 36, 5’4”, British Indian. I am specialising in ophthalmology (eyes). I was born

and brought up in the UK. My father is a doctor too of Indian origin. I pray 5 times a day and fast in Ramadan. I

am moderate in religion and all other aspects. I like dining out, socialising, cinema and reading. My family is the

best combination of both East and West worlds. We have lots of friends and relatives coming to our house to

celebrate Eids. I am looking for a professional, and not necessarily  a doctor, of Asian origin, preferably a British

citizen or permanently settled in the UK. I don’t mind a European revert, a practising, professional family

involvement is preferred.

465F6 Location: North. Telephone: Available from MMS. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am 36 years old, a British Pakistani, Bsc educated, working in sales. I am divorced with no children. I live with

my family Looking for someone in ideally in the West Midlands.

460F6 ID:8299 Location: Midlands. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am an open hearted, warm and loving person, 38, 5’4”, a degree educated paralegal, divorced. I am a family

motivated person, have a positive outlook on life, enjoy peaceful surroundings but also enjoy the hustle and

bustle. My hobbies are yoga, like to eat healthy and enjoy trying different recipes. I am looking for my soul

mate, who I can share all my dreams and passions with. Someone who I can communicate with on all levels,

with a GSOH, who understands me and is not judgmental. Someone ideally from the North.

461F6 ID:8311 Location: North. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am a divorced lady British Pakistani, 41, 5’3”, looking to find someone to share my journey with. I have lived in

the UK for over 16 years and have 3 grown up daughters. I am a practising Muslim and teach children. I am

looking for someone who is also a practising Muslim that can support me in marriage.

456F6 ID:8266 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am 36, a divorced British Pakistani, 36, 5’2”, Bsc and working in healthcare, an honest person who tries my

best to practice my deen. I wear hijab and dress modestly. I enjoy good company and often find myself quite

chatty in a good gathering. I am a fun loving person and can speak five languages. I love to learn new skills,

enjoy reading and writing. I to eat healthy, enjoy walking and have a child from my previous marriage. Family

life is very important to us. I am Sunni. The ideal man is a practising Muslim man, with excellent manners.

450F6 Location: Midlands. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am a Practicing Muslimah, 46, 5’4”, Pakistani with a caring and loving nature. I have an MA in Education, a

school principal and also have family in the UK who can be contacted. Looking for a companion.

448F6 ID:8431 Photo Location: South. Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am 36, 5’10”, British, a public servant, looking for a soul mate, fun loving god fearing individual. Has to be God

fearing, hard working and family orientated.

447F6 ID:8381 Location: South. Telephone: Available from MMS. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


bioscience industry. However, I am willing to relocate for the right person following marriage. Am looking for a

Sunni Muslim gentleman aged between 35-45 to cherish and look after forever after.

444F6 ID:3527 Location: North. Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am a shy Sunni Muslimah, 43, 4’8”, British Pakistani. I am not really an outgoing person but would like to be

now and again. My hobbies are cooking, exercising and keep fit, My Partner has to be bright, confident and a

down to earth person with a GSOH, good education and good career to support us both in the long term.

443F6 ID:111338 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am a straightforward and honest person, 41, 5’4”, widowed, Bsc, Pakistani female in Peshawar. I am decent and

mature, fun loving and like visiting different places and am looking for an educated and mature person who is

humble and down to earth. It would be nice if he’s a lively person and likes to have fun.

441F6 ID:110317 Photo Location: Peshawar. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am single Muslim girl from Peshawar, 36, 5’3”. I have been working to complete my PhD degree and I am

looking to get settled at this point and have family. I am looking for someone who is independent, educated and

wants to settle in future with me. I like traveling so I am willing to move out of the country if it is necessary. My

preference is someone from Muslim background, open minded and an easy going person. 

432F6 ID:111271 Photo Location: Peshawar. Telephone: Available from MMS. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am just a simple woman in this world, Pakistani origin and a citizen of Malaysia, 42, 5’5”, masters educated

and working as a lecturer. Just looking for an honest, sincere and responsible person.

428F6 ID:111226 Photo Location: Selangor. Telephone: Available from MMS. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am a Canadian Indian citizen, 40, 5’5”, a qualified engineer, divorced, comes from a well educated family with a

modern but value-based up-bringing. My parents have always instilled a sense of strong character in me and my

siblings. I preach what I practice. I'd like to share all the joys of life, its ups and downs with someone who believe

in respecting women; in caring and sharing matters of life and togetherness. Unfortunately, my previous marriage

lasted only for a year, as I had not made the right choice or it wasn't the will of Almighty! I have taken time to

reflect, and prepare myself for embarking yet another journey of life with someone who understands the above

and with whom I shall regain my happiness! Looking for an honest, well-mannered, pleasant-natured.

Professionals, unmarried/divorced. Genuine reasons for marriage please. A Sunni Muslim, who believes in true

values and sentiments of Islam yet is moderate, modern and well-balanced with a progressive outlook in life.

409F6 ID:110223 Photo Location: Midlands. Email: MEMBERS ONLY