Females 18-26, Printable Monthly UK list

NOTE – This UK list also includes Muslims who do not sign up directly on our website




I wear the hijab. In terms of religion there is still room for improvement and inshallah I wish to find a partner

who will support religious improvement in himself and in me. I am 24, slim, 5’5”, a masters educated pharmacist,

British Pakistani, family orientated and want to form a close bond with the family I marry into. I am a bit nerdy, I

like reading, watching netflix, gaming etc. I would also like to travel and explore different countries. I am an

honest, loving, caring, flexible and patient individual who wants love, friendship and a deep understanding with

the guy I marry. British born Pakistani Muslim who is family orientated. Someone who is easy going, has a sense

of humour, likes travelling and is charismatic

615F6 ID:13032 Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY@hotmail.co.uk


Practising 21 year old British Pakistani female, a nursing student, 5’4”, fair complexion. A family orientated girl

with good Muslim values. Looking for a good looking practising Muslim who shares same values is educated,

aged 19-21, tall, preferably UK born and must be a Sayyid Sunni.

613F6 ID:13022 Location: North Email: MEMBERS ONLY@hotmail.co.uk


British Bangladeshi female, 24, 5’5”, practising Sunni Muslimah, Bsc educated and working in management.

Looking to settle down after marriage.

611F6 ID:12874 Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY@live.co.uk


I’m looking for marriage as soon as possible. I am 24, 5’6”, British Indian, work as a physiotherapist. In the end

whatever Allah wills will happen.

605F6 ID:12312 Photo Location: North Email: MEMBERS ONLY@hotmail.co.uk


I am 24, 5’3”, Pakistani female, have done my Bsc in Mathematics from Lahore, and currently doing my Masters

at the University of Sheffield. I’m looking for a well qualified UK born man with good life skills, who is disciplined

and has great emotional stability. Age range: 25-32.

600F6 ID:12288 Photo Location: North Email: MEMBERS ONLY@gmail.com


I am a 24 year old single Sunni Muslim girl (wear hijab), British Pakistani, educated to master’s level and

currently working for a multi-national UK company in London. I am attractive, slim 5’7” and enjoy going to the

gym a few times a week. From age of 12 to 18 I lived in Saudi Arabia with my parents and did my secondary

education, including ‘A’ levels, there. I would describe myself as outgoing, enjoy meeting people and especially

enjoy socialising with family and friends. I have travelled extensively and would say this is one of my favourite

past times. Inshallah I hope to complete the two year graduate management scheme I have just started and

then continue with my current employer in a management role. I am looking for a man aged 25-30 who is a

practicing Sunni Muslim, well-educated and must have either a British, US, European or Canadian passport only.

Ideally you must be taller than 5’10”, athletic & enjoy the gym like I do. Someone who enjoys going on holidays

and works hard to achieve the good things in life would win favour with me. This together with the ability to

respect our elders but have the ability to look out for your partner would be a great combination for a happy life.

598F6 ID:12829 Photo Location: North Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS ONLY@yahoo.co.uk


I am a simple person, 24, 5’3”, British Pakistani training as a pharmacist. I am aware of the importance of the

role of a wife/mother in Islam and am not too career-minded. I love my job and it feels rewarding to be able to

provide the medicines that help to treat illnesses and it is also quite flexible so I can choose which days to work.

I love to learn about Islam and have recently completed Umrah Alhamdulillah. I have attended tajweed classes

and would like to continue doing so and would hope my partner would encourage me insha’Allah. I like to

educate myself about what is Islam is and like to speak to my non-Muslim friends/colleagues about our Deen. I

follow the Hanafi madhab and also take beneficial knowledge from other schools of thought, and I do not

participate in milaads/ khatams. I enjoy spending time with my family and cooking both desi and western food. I

also enjoy going out and trying new cuisines. Wear Hijab and Abaya. If you would like to know please send me a

message (my sister will be communicating on my behalf and discussions will go through my parents insha’Allah).

I am looking for someone who prays and tries to follow the Qur’an and Sunnah. Someone who is calm, soft

spoken and easy going. I am mainly looking for someone with a good heart, who is honest and is not afraid to

speak the truth. Within the London area only. Ideally, someone who is okay to have our own place insha’Allah.

599F6 ID:13281 Location: South Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS ONLY@gmail.com


I believe in kindness, empathy, holding open doors, putting your phone away at dinner, and always making time

to listen to a friend. I am British, 24, 5’5”, an IT administrator, always looking to try new things and learn new

things but I never really master anything! Just want a Muslim Sunni guy who is never married before.

592F6 ID:11967 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY@gmail.com


In nut shell all I can say is I am 26, 5’, Bsc in maths, work as a data analyst am a British Pakistani belonging to a

well respected family. We are Practising Muslims. Ideally seeking a well behaved gentleman from a highly

educated family

593F6 ID:12096 Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY@gmail.com


Single 24 year old British Pakistani female, completed and interior designer course and am now working in

digital marketing. More details upon request.

588F6 ID:11397 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY@gmail.com


I am the youngest in my family, 23, 5’6”, degree educated and a social worker, British Pakistani. I am an

honest, hardworking person. I am also very family oriented am looking for someone who is hardworking,

honest, trustworthy and someone I could have a laugh with, also someone who will easily get along with me

and my family and likewise me with his family.

584F6 ID:11053 Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY@gmail.com


My niece was born in Sweden, is of Pakistani origin and family currently living in London. I will be her contact.

She is 25, 5’3”, an Architect. She is sincere and loving and also looking for the same.

580F6 ID:10473 Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY@gmail.com


I am a very friendly, loyal and outgoing girl, British Pakistani, 25, 5’3” and work in a pharmacy. I love to spend

time with family. They are of utmost importance to me. Seeking someone with same views as me and caring

and educated individual who wants to build a life together InSha Allah.

568F6 ID:10258 Location: North Email: MEMBERS ONLY@outlook.com


Nothing much to say except I am 34, 5’, not currently working, British, divorced with 2 children. Just want to be

good human being.

564F6 ID:9974 Location: North Email: MEMBERS ONLY@gmail.com


I am a practising Muslimah, 23, 5’5”, British Pakistani, work in HR. I am a hijab niqabi. I am humble, down to

earth, and love helping people and also gaining knowledge in Islam. I am also planning to study further in Islam

(Alimah course) seeking someone that is practising, down to earth, humble, bubbly and supportive who I can

call my best friend, open minded, not too serious, family orientated, loyal, honest, genuine and never lies.

563F6 ID:9949 Photo Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY@hotmail.com


British Pakistani female, 23, 5’1”, degree in social work and also working as a social worker. Enjoy reading books,

and am outgoing. Prefer a working practicing Mu slim who is educated.

558F6 ID:11393 Location: Glasgow Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS ONLY@yahoo.com


I am 20, 5’8”, a sales assistant, British female. I am down to earth, sociable and have a good outlook on life and

take good care of my appearance. A person who is down to earth and has a good outlook on life.

554F6 ID:9865 Location: Swansea. Email: MEMBERS ONLY@hotmail.com


I am a practising Muslimah ,22, 5’3”, who always prays my 5 daily salaahs and reads Quran daily. I am a genuine,

caring and funny person, serious at times but funny too. I can manage a household and look after my younger

siblings. I always wear hijab and abaya and feel very happy this way. I am currently doing a Psychology degree

with the hope of becoming a Clinical psychologist by doing a Doctorate in Clincial Psycholgy after I graduate

InshaAllah. I enjoy travelling, sports, reading for pleasure, spending time with family, and trying out new things.

I enjoy learning new languages, so often watch the news in Arabic and French, as well as English of course. I am

a people person and appreciate honesty, as I am honest and kind. Looking for a religious, educated person able

to financially support a home, GSOH, adventurous who loves travelling.

550F6 ID:9361 Location: Midlands. Email: MEMBERS ONLY@yahoo.com


British Muslimah of Macedonia origin, 25, 5’7”, degree educated and self employed. Appreciate life and what

Allah has provided for me. Have a passion to travel and am a caring, loving and understanding lady that has no

wish to be hurt. Am looking for someone who is honest and has the fear of Allah talaa in him.

548F6 ID:9203 Location: North. Email: MEMBERS ONLY@yahoo.com


Two servants of Allah(SWT) working together in dunya and deen to please their creator sounds beautiful to me.

I’m 26 years of age, 5’4”, British Pakistani Sunni Muslim. I have a degree in Medical Bioscience and I’m doing

administration work, which I really enjoy. I like spending time with my family and friends and I honestly love

learning about Islam. The type of person I am looking for is someone with good character and who is trying to

practice our deen. I WLTM someone who can fit into family well and prefer them to have a British nationality.

545F6 ID:9182 Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY@hotmail.com


I am a single independent British Pakistani Muslimah, 26, 5’6”, slim, Msc educated and a practising Muslim.

Looking for a good person who is also educated.

546F6 ID:9184 Location: North Email: MEMBERS ONLY@hotmail.co.uk


I am British born and raised in Pakistan, 23, 5’3”, graduate. Originally my family belongs to Rawalpindi. I have a

simple and moderate approach towards life. I have three sisters and one brother. Preferably families will be

involved from both sides. I’m looking for my other half to know how to balance deen and dunya. Someone who

understands me and takes care of me. Honesty and loyalty means a lot to me. I want a British Pakistani whose

family is ideally originally from Rawalpindi and Islamabad only!!!

543F6 ID:9155 Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY@gmail.com


Shy, calm, family orientated, modestly dressed, down to earth British Indian Muslimah, 26, 5’5”, Masters

educated. Looking for a professional/educated, faith centred, kind Muslim.

544F6 ID:9164 Location: Midlands Email: MEMBERS ONLY@yahoo.co.uk


My daughter is an enthusiastic individual who lives life to its fullest. She is 26, 5’3”, a Sunni practising British

Indian, Bsc, working as a senior sales consultant. She tries to respect and value others feelings. Looking for a

good, religious and God-fearing person.

534F6 ID:9140 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS ONLY@yahoo.co.uk


I am a creative individual, British Pakistani practising Muslimah, 26, 5’5”, BA in Primary Education and a teacher

who has a passion for teaching and exploring the outdoors. I enjoy adventures and humour but I’m also of a

focused and careful nature. Looking for someone who is practising but more importantly with a good character.

Humorous but sensible. Mature but open minded. Independent and confident but more importantly humble

and honest.

532F6 ID:9107 Location: North Email: MEMBERS ONLY@hotmail.co.uk


26 year old British Indian Muslimah, who is 5’1”,  a student, beautiful, kind, honest and a family orient young girl.

She was born profound deaf but Alhamdulilah can communicate through BSL. Her hobbies include: Art & Design,

Beauty & Fashion, Photography and Cooking. Looking for someone who is a responsible individual, kind, honest

and family oriented. We are looking for British Citizens and upto the age of 30.

533F6 ID:9124 Location: South Email: MEMBERS ONLY@gmail.com


I am a good looking, slim, well educated well cultured Indian female, 25, 5’1”, degree in engineering, Islamic

minded, wears hijab and comes from a very good family in India. Seeking a well educated and well mannered

practising Muslim.

528F6 ID:9047 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS ONLY@yahoo.com


I am looking for a partner for my sister who is 24, 5’1”, British Pakistani. She works as a physiotherapy assistant

in a hospital and aspires to do physiotherapy degree this year. She is a bubbly kind hearted person who loves to

travel and is very helpful. I am looking for someone family orientated, with traditional values but also a modern

outlook on life, honest and open minded. Someone who shares her interests in travelling, ambitious, who takes

care of himself as well as caring for others. Insha’Allah someone who can support and guide her on the correct

path, who is willing to increase in their deen and preferably Mirpuri speaking but not a must.

524F6 ID:8993 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS ONLY@live.co.uk


I am a happy go lucky British Pakistani, 26, 5’4”, degree educated. I always see the best in people and place faith

in the almighty. Looking for a kind hearted, honest, reliable, light hearted, articulate and family oriented person.

525F6 ID:8996 Location: North. Email: MEMBERS ONLY@gmail.com


Salaam this is a profile for my daughter who is 26, slim built, 5’4”, British Pakistani and fair. She has 3 brothers

all of which she is close with. She went to college and did make up, beauty and hair. She is now self employed.

Prefer a person aged 27-30, caste Rajput and never been married.

522F6 ID:8985 Location: North. Email: MEMBERS ONLY@hotmail.com


I’m a fun and loving person, 22, 5’3”, British Pakistani, final year degree student, a practising Muslimah. I respect

every relation that comes in my life. I am a simple person and looking for someone respectful and down to earth.

521F6 ID:8980 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS ONLY@hotmail.com


British Pakistani female, 19, 5’, currently a student. She can cook, clean, gets along with everyone, is a practising

Muslim, likes reading books, is funny, a good person to sit with and have a laugh with and down to earth. Person

needs to be practising, open minded, honest, from a good family that we can get along with. He also needs to be

educated and well mannered.

520F6 ID:8948 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS ONLY@gmail.com


I am a fun loving person, British Pakistani, 24, 5’6”, practising, university educated and a manager. Very easy

going. I enjoy reading books and listening to religious sermons. Prefer someone 25-35 and a practicing Muslim.

516F6 ID:8700 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS ONLY@gmail.com


I am a down to earth 25 year old medical student, 5’6”, Sunni, British Pakistani and practising.  Enjoy usual

socialising, travelling , dining out etc. Bubbly personality. Seeking a professional qualified person i.e. doctor,

broker, accountant, etc. Tall and slim. Someone who is mindful of religious obligations. Able to have intelligent

conversations as well as a sense of humour.

517F6 ID:8739 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS ONLY@yahoo.co.uk


24 year old slim British Pakistani female, 5’2”, graduate and working as a manager. Also looking for someone

who is employed and family orientated.

512F6 ID:8677 Location: North. Email: MEMBERS ONLY@hotmail.co.uk


Young 23 year old Pakistani practising Muslimah, 5’4”, permanent resident and fluent speaker of Spanish also.

Currently studying for ACCA. Looking for marriage with a loyal person.

510F6 ID:8669 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS ONLY@outlook.es


I am a nice and gentle person, British citizen, 26, 4’10”, practising Muslim, work as a receptionist. Looking for

someone ready to start a family of his own.

511F6 ID:8676 Location: North. Email: MEMBERS ONLY@mail2world.com


I’m a hard working individual, 26, 6’5”, Sunni and British. Looking to settle down with someone like minded.

Ideally a non-smoker, hard working and someone who respects women.

507F6 ID:8621 Location: North. Email: MEMBERS ONLY@hotmail.com


We are a respectable Sunni British Rajput family originally from Pakistan. Our daughter is 23, 5’5″ brought up in

a moderate yet spiritual Muslim environment sympathetic towards Tasawwuf. She is a mature, very open and

honest, deeply caring, family oriented young girl who is a very good listener. She enjoys quality family time,

reading, cooking and charitable work when possible and is a practising Muslim. We are looking for a Sunni

professional, 24-30 yrs old from an educated and religious Rajput/Sayyid background. He should be Tasawwuf-

minded, trustworthy, caring, understanding and down-to-earth person.

503F6 ID:7483 Location: Midlands. Telephone: Available from MMS. Email: MEMBERS ONLY@hotmail.co.uk


I am a very down to earth and humble lady, British, 26, 5’6”, Bsc. I’m the type of person who cares a lot about

people in my life, and I’m always the first one who goes out of my way to put that smile on your face. Looking for

a British / EU or American born citizen – intelligent, sincere, modest, GSOH, Islamic beliefs, ambitious and loving.

501F6 ID:9101 Location: South. Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS ONLY@yahoo.co.uk


I am a simple Muslimah, 22, a university student, and a practising Muslim. Seeking someone on deen and ideally

in the medical field.

498F6 ID:8574 Location: South.  Email: MEMBERS ONLY


Looking for someone for my sister who is a British Pakistani, 28, slim, 5’1”, a pharmacist. We are a simple Sunni

Muslim Hanafi family. Looking for an educated person aged 28-33 within the West Yorkshire region.

495F6 ID:8539 Location: North. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am a slim good looking, 30 year old British Pakistani female, 5’5”, divorced with no children. I am well educated

with an Msc. Prefer someone educated and similar.

496F6 ID:8550 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


25 year old Indian female, 5’3”, Msc in Computer Science and an IT Administrator. The most important thing in

my life is religious beliefs, moral values & respect for elders. I am a modern thinker but also believe in good

values given by our ancestors. I am looking for someone ideally Indian origin, who has a religious, flexible &

respectful attitude towards a woman. He should be creative, open minded with progressive thinking. He should

allow me to have my space, who is understanding, down to earth, lives and enjoys every moment of life.

493F6 ID:9074 Photo Location: North. Telephone: Available from MMS. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I have completed my masters in pharmacy, now doing pre-registration. I am 23, 5’, practising Muslimah, British

Bangladeshi. Will add more details later.

491F6 ID:8507 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


Our daughter is a slim, fair, educated girl, 25, 5’6, working as a govt employee, British Pakistani. She has studied

very hard and is a quick learner. She has Bsc and LLM degrees. She has family values, respect for others and gets

along with everyone. Prefer a Raja Ghakkar Kiyani boy, educated, who knows and respects family values.

490F6 ID:8491 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


Our daughter Masha Allah, has got a Bsc and LLM degree and is currently working in a Council. She is 26, 5’6”,

British Pakistani, fair, slim and simple girl who is easy going and has respect for others. We are looking for a

Pakistani Gakkar Raja Caste male, who is born in the U.K and is educated to at least bachelors degree. No

smokers or drinkers please.

488F6 ID:8469 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


British Pakistani, 19, currently doing A levels, she can cook, clean and gets along with everyone. She is a

practising Muslim, likes reading books, is funny, a good person to sit with and have a laugh with, down to earth.

He needs to be practising, open minded, somebody honest, from a good family that we can get along with. He

needs to be educated and well mannered.

484F6 ID:8948 Location: North. Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS ONLY


Easy going person, 23, 5’3”, a university student and also work. I am British of Moroccan origin. Kind, smiley,

generous, stubborn sometimes, love reading books and comics, watching series and also Asian dramas. Looking

for an easy going, nice and kind Muslim.

477F6 ID:8450 Photo Location: South. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


26 year old single British Pakistani Muslimah, practising Islam. I am a Sunni, completed LLB and LPC and work as

a solicitor. Want to get married to a well educated professional.

476F6 ID:8427 Location: North. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


Family orientated British Pakistani, 25, 5’7”, a degree educated customer support professional. Loves reading,

does not wear hijab, very good understanding of Islam and knows the difference between culture and Islam.

WLTM a British, caring, family orientated person. Family involvement desired.

473F6 ID:8416 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am British Bangladeshi, kind, caring and loving, 24, 5’2”, degree educated and work in admin. I like to keep life

simple when it comes to relationships. Looking for someone in the UK and is born here. Want someone loyal,

caring and loving. A decent man with a decent life. Looking for someone who is serious to get married.

471F6 ID:8392 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I’m looking for a nice guy for my sister, a teacher and studied Microbiology. I’m in London and her brother and

we are from Peshawar. She is 25, 5’, and a practicing Muslim. She follows traditional values as living in Pakistan.

For further details call me. You should not be more than 30, and should be a Pakistani Sunni Muslim.

469F6 ID:8375 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


Young 24 year old British Pakistani female, 5’6” tall currently a full time degree student and from Edinburgh.

Looking to settle down with the right person.

458F6 ID:8283 Location: Edinburgh. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


22 year old practising British Pakistani female, single, 5’4”. I am a Sunni Muslim and will give more information

about myself and required partner upon contact.

457F6 ID:8267 Location: North. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am 26 year old divorced, Pakistani origin female, 5’4”, graduated, divorced, Sunni Syed and will share more

information upon request.

442F6 ID:111322 Location: South. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am 26, 5’4”, belong to Sunni Punjabi family from Lahore, currently teaching, well educated, outgoing and a

confident person. I like to read. My partner should be professionally qualified and settled, possess a good sense

of humour and should be aware of his responsibilities.

426F6 ID:111362 Location: Lahore. Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am a Sunni Muslim, 26, 5’9”, Pakistani female in Rawalpindi, completed, BA, Bed and Med and belongs to a very

good family. My caste is janjua rajpoot and my hobby is reading books. I need a Sunni partner of similar age.

419F6 ID:111197 Photo Location: Midlands. Email: MEMBERS ONLY


My niece is in Azad Kashmir Pakistan, 24. If you are interested you can contact her uncle in Birmingham if you are

a British Pakistani or from Azad Kashmiri Raja or Syed or Bangali Sunni. I am a Sunni Muslim, caste raja. I don’t

claim that I am too religious but Alhamdulillah as a Muslim I read my prayers and Quran. I wear clothes as a

Muslim, am not backward, not too modern. I know my limits. You can contact on telephone if serious. I want

a loving and caring husband. My mother is a single mum and she has sacrificed a lot for us two sisters. I want

my husband to give love and respect to her as her own mum. Please contact only if you are serious for marriage.

413F6 ID:111195 Location: Midlands. Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am looking for a suitable match for my sister, 26, 5’5”, works in the civil service. She is a responsible, caring and

a practical individual. She has a very friendly and bubbly personality. She has a GSOH and enjoys time with friends

and family. She values family and has respect for elders. We are British Pakistani Udru speaking Sunni Muslim and

looking for similar back ground. We would prefer parental involvement throughout the process or after the initial

communication. We would like our daughter to be married in a believing Islamic family. The individual should

come from an educated and UK settled family. He should be Pakistani Sunni Muslim ideally from Urdu speaking

background. He should be a British national/citizen. He should be educated to graduate level at least and should

be employed in an established career. The suitable match will have a calm and caring nature and have respect for

women. He should have a responsible nature and have good family values. He should be close to deen.

411F6 ID:111165 Location: South. Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS ONLY


Sunni Muslim Pakistani female MBBS doctor, 25, 5’1”, family in London. Hobbies include reading books. I am a

lively person. Looking for someone 27-32, a doctor, engineer preferred. We are looking for an educated family.

393F6 ID:111106 Location: South. Telephone: Available Email: MEMBERS ONLY


I am a highly religious, Muslim Sunni, 24, 5’5”, British Bangladeshi, wear hijab, and l would like a like minded

doctor. Should be a UK resident, Bangladeshi background and religious.

381F6 ID:111052 Location: South. Telephone: Available from MMS. Email: MEMBERS ONLY